Families of victims of Itaewon tragedy hold memorial service on Lunar New Year

Bereaved families of Itaewon attend a memorial service for the Lunar New Year near Noksapyeong Station in Seoul on Sept. 22. Yonhap

Families of victims of the Itaewon crowd-squeezing held a joint memorial service for their loved ones on Sunday, the first Lunar New Year since the deadly tragedy near Seoul last year.
on a sunny day, on a sunny day

About 80 bereaved families and relatives of the victims who died in the congestion on Oct. 29 gathered at a memorial altar set up near Noksapyeong Station at 3:00 pm to offer their condolences.

Instead of the meals normally prepared at Chinese New Year memorial services, they brought snacks, pizza, beer and beef jerky for the victims.
20 minutes, 20 minutes, breakfast, breakfast

Many people shed tears as they paid their respects and bowed to their victims. Some cried while stroking a framed photo of their loved one at the memorial altar.
분 분 의 유 들 을 을 절 절 절 절 절 터뜨렸다.

Leader Lee Jong-cheol said, “Usually, it was a good time for families to get together and talk, but it wasn’t, and it won’t be like that in the future.” the victim’s family said.
종철 10 ・ 29 태원 태원 참 (협 협) 표 (협 협) 는 는 예년 같으면 같으면 야 야 야 즐거울 였겠 러 못했 못했 것 것 것 것 것 것 것

Families of victims of the 2014 Sewol ferry sinking also held a memorial service in central Seoul.
In 2014, I was asked to write a letter.

Bereaved family representative Kim Jeong-gi said, “Come together to create a safer world for our children. (Yonhap)
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

A tragedy
■ Memorial Altar 분향소
A relative’s family
■ Setting the name and date
■ Beef Jerky 육포
■ Stroke

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