Family leave scheme is in effect and application for benefits to parents has started

Family leave system reform The changes introduced in the reform apply to parents expecting children after September 4, 2022. The reform will apply to about 37,000 parents this year.

In the childcare leave system reform, three new childcare allowances were introduced: a special pregnancy allowance, a pregnancy allowance, and a childcare allowance. Applications for all benefits introduced under the new law can be submitted from 1 August 2022.

From May 2022, expectant parents will be able to submit new maternity and childcare benefits applications. By July 22, Kela had received her 6,257 applications, of which she made decisions on 1,169 (see map below).

“Applications for the new benefits are off to a good start. The new information system was built on a tight schedule, but the implementation went smoothly. well in advance,” says the benefit manager. Johanna Aholainen of Kayla.

After August 1, 2022, the child’s other parent can also file a child support application under the new law. If the child has two parents of hers, the parental allowance is split equally between the two of hers. That is, each parent is entitled to her 160 working days’ allowance. Parents may agree to transfer up to 63 days of their allotment to the other parent or other person caring for the child.

Birth parents have had the option to transfer days from their quota to the child’s other parent since May, but the other parent cannot transfer maternity benefit days until the child is born.

“At Kela, we have already received messages from fathers who want to change some of the days of childcare allowance. It’s also important to note that the service needs to transfer days,” explains Aholainen.

As before, parents can take up to 18 working days off at the same time. Parental leave can be used at any time before the child reaches the age of two.

The aim of this reform is to make the sharing of childcare responsibilities more flexible. Online calculator for pregnancy and parental leave days Make family vacation planning easier. Use our calculator to find out how long you can receive maternity and parental benefits. This information will help employees discuss parental leave with their employers.

“In line with the reforms, we want parents to use their own days where possible and take advantage of flexible options when planning family vacations,” says Aholainen.

Aholainen hopes its customers will be patient with any delays that may occur in Kela’s customer service or application processing.

“The reform is also new for Kela staff who process benefit applications. All applications are processed as quickly as possible, although there may be delays during the fall,” said Aholainen. .

The old and new laws on family leave will exist in parallel until the end of 2024. The old law applies to parents expecting children before September 4, 2022.

Source: Kera Family leave scheme is in effect and application for benefits to parents has started

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