Famous Italian chef Massimo Botula arrives at a weekend food festival

From May 5th to 8th, Rovinj will be the center of gastronomy in the world, as confirmed by the numerous names announced at the press conference at Sol Restaurant. The world’s most famous chefs share knowledge with all festival visitors during the four days of the weekend food festival, which brings together the best from the world and national food and wine scenes and brings together all gastronomic lovers. increase.

The festival brings together the best experts in gastronomy, catering, mixology, oil and coffee.

Weekend Food Festival Lawson 2022

Rovinj 2022 Weekend Food

One of the world’s most famous chefs attending the Weekend Food Festival is certainly the amazing Massimo Botula. The hosteria Francescana restaurant has been awarded 3 Michelin stars, and according to the World’s 50 Best Restaurants List (2016 and 2018), the legendary chef has been named the best restaurant twice in the world. Massimo Bottura is a chef who creates new culinary trends and has a direct impact on the global gastronomic scene. Today, in addition to leading several successful restaurant projects in Italy and abroad, he stands out as an extraordinary humanitarian who is constantly launching new projects to help those in need.

Bottura loves Croatian memories of traveling our beaches on a motorcycle in 1984, staying with the locals, catching and cooking fresh fish.As he himself says video Inviting you to Rovinj, he looks forward to attending the weekend food festival and sharing his vision.

According to the Best Chef Award, David Muñoz, the world’s best chef, will also be coming to Rovinj in 2021. Munoz is the owner and chef of two Michelin-starred restaurants, Street XO and Diver XO. This young and extravagant chef is delighted with his innovative concept and fascinates those who are ready to experiment and experiment with new culinary sensations.

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In addition to Davids, Rasmus Munch will be a guest of the festival. His alchemist restaurant uses art installations, projections and music to complete a menu of about 50 edible impressions, fulfilling the dream of “holistic cuisine”. Perhaps the most famous chef in our area, Ana Roš is the best chef in the world in 2017 and will also be attending the Weekend Food Festival. With her inspiration, she has led Slovenia’s Hiša Franko to 21st place on the list of the world’s 50 prestigious restaurants, earning her a 2-Michelin star.

Vegetarian food continues to become an even more prominent place in the world’s gastronomic scene. Famous Austrian chef Paul Ivic, with Croatian roots, has had great success at two Michelin-starred vegetarian restaurants, Tian in Vienna and Tian in Munich.

The best Italian chef, Chiara Pavan, will arrive in 2018 from the restaurant Venissa on the island of Mazzorbo in the lagoon of Venice. It will also make a positive difference in the hospitality industry and her community in 2020.

“We are very pleased to be able to collect the best in Rovinj for four days of educational and extravagant socializing. Some have already been to Croatia, others. This is my first visit, so I’m happy to be a host and introduce you to Istria as well as other regions, “says Hulvoye Petric.Program director.

In addition to these chefs, some chefs serve their own dishes at a gala dinner at the hotel’s Mystra Collection restaurant. The weekend food festival is attended by a large number of domestic and international panelists discussing topics such as the importance of the media and the importance of the media. Women’s role in gastronomy, modern culinary trends, the importance of teams in the kitchen, excellent service, and local topics such as olive cultivation in the Adriatic Sea, winemaking and fish.

“Apart from world-renowned chefs, the audience has the opportunity to meet, taste, sample local products and interact with industry leaders at top local and foreign wines. For the communications industry at the Weekend Media Festival. What we’ve managed to do is connect, socialize, and entertain, and we also guarantee the largest culinary event in the region, “added Boris Kovaček, director of the Weekend Food Festival.

The old Tobacco Factory, where the Weekend Media Festival is held, will feature dedicated panels, master classes, workshops and gala dinners featuring some of the best Michelin-starred chefs in the four days of May. ..

“We are very pleased to be the organizers and partners of important events such as the Weekend Food Festival, which brings many famous names from the world’s gastronomic scene to Rovinj. Complete tourism at any destination. The role of top quality food and wine is very important in building a product, unless it is almost unthinkable that one will be developed without the other. As one of Croatia’s leading tourism companies, Mystra We are working on the ongoing development of this offer segment, especially for restaurants that are part of the Mystra Collection Hotel, including, for example, the restaurants Cap Aureo, Agli Amici, Wine Vault, Adriatic Brasserie, These include TekkabyLone. In this way, we not only contribute to the fulfillment of overall tourist offers and the extension of the season, but also motivate people to travel and stay at their destinations. The upcoming festival will certainly attract a large local audience, but it will also attract guests who are the main motivators for coming to Rovinj, “said Luca Ravnikar, Sales and Marketing Director of Mystra.

The Weekend Food Festival exchanges ideas and exchanges ideas for all professionals, caterers, winemakers, winemakers, olive growers, enogastro professionals, and foodies for personal and professional development. This is a unique opportunity to open up new perspectives and business opportunities. The best chefs and waiters from Maistra’s Food & Beverage Bootcamp, which will be held just before the festival, will also be attending. Those who are interested can continue to apply.

Early Bird ulazniceza Weekend Food Festival većsuu prodaji, možeteih kupiti na kaoirezerviratism ještaj. Novostioovomnajvećemgastronomskomdogađajupratitena Facebooku Ina Instagramu..

These are just a few of the names that attend a weekend food festival.Feel free to visit for more information on attendees and events Weekend food festivalOfficial website.

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