Faro progresses with new island bridge and port renovation

Faro Mayor Rogerio Bacalhau announced major progress this week on two of the town’s most important projects: the construction of a new bridge to Faro Island and the renovation of the town’s recreational docks.

The bridge project has been in the pipeline for years and after three unsuccessful public tenders before finally being offered a fourth tender, it is already moving forward and is on track to be completed by 2024. I have a plan.

“We already know the size of the pillars and have placed an order. Once they arrive, we will begin the placement and construction of the bridge. We expect this to be completed by April or May,” Bacalhau said. Baravent newspaper.

“If all goes well, the bridge will be ready next year and create a safer environment for citizens looking to go to the beach. will be two lanes and I hope it will be completed soon,” the mayor added.

The current bridge to Faro, one of the town’s most popular tourist destinations, has only one lane and often leads to bottlenecks, especially during peak summer months, creating a safety hazard for pedestrians and cyclists. lead to concern.

A new two-lane bridge will be built near the current bridge and will be demolished when the new bridge is completed. It also includes his two side roads for pedestrians, and is “wide enough” for cyclists to use it as well.

Bacalhau’s statement was made during the 1995 It’s the anniversary of the Ginásio Clube Naval de Faro, and we’ve announced the launch of three new water sports: stand-up paddle, big-game fishing, and spearfishing.

This special occasion was taken by President Clube Naval de Faro to underscore the urgency of the renovation of Faro’s recreational docks, which is in a race against time to be completed by the end of this year, before the current environmental impact study expires. was also used by

“Work has to start by December 14, 2023. If we do not go ahead with this project with Docapeska and the local council, it will be a loss for the whole town. This is a big concern for us.” said GCNF President João Marquez.

Rogério Bacalhau said the project should be “ready” by August.

“We have had positive reports from all the bodies and it has taken us three years to receive them,” he said.

Faro also has other “structural projects” underway, such as the train station, Avenida Repubblica, and a major renovation project that runs from Jardim Manuel Vival to Largo de San Francisco.

Original article written by Maria Simiris barravento newspaper. Faro progresses with new island bridge and port renovation

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