Faster entry for specialists and start-up entrepreneurs – Fast Track service will be introduced on June 1st

As of June 1, 2022Specialists, start-up entrepreneurs, and their families move to Finland faster with the introduction of fast track services.

Professionals include, among other things, IT professionals and employees with a degree in higher education, and working in Finland requires specialized knowledge.

Fasttrack applications can process up to 2 weeks.

The Fast Track service will be introduced with a new type of permit, a domestic D visa. A domestic D visa allows you to travel to Finland as soon as you are granted a residence permit and prove that you are who you say you are. Unlike before, customers now receive residence permit cards in Finland.

“Fast track services are an important signal of Finnish society’s willingness to welcome international professionals to Finland and improve the customer friendliness of public sector behavior. Early this spring, foreign students to Finland There have also been legislative amendments to encourage entry into Finland. Fasttrack services allow international professionals to arrive in Finland immediately after being granted a residence permit, regardless of their place of origin. ” I am. Elina ImonenDeputy Director of the Finnish Immigration Bureau.

Entry is easier and faster

Those applying through the Fast Track Service will get a residence permit decision in up to two weeks. To move to Finland for fast track procedures, customers must submit and pay online and prove their identity at an overseas service point within 5 business days.

If the application contains all the required information and attachments, the process will start immediately and continue immediately. After paying and submitting the application, the applicant will prove his identity abroad and obtain a fingerprint on his residence permit card.

The decision is made through Enter Finland, an online service of the Finnish Immigration Department. Customers applying for a D visa, coming from a country without a visa, or not needing a visa to enter Finland do not have to wait for a residence permit card abroad.

Instead, the residence permit card will be sent to the Finnish address specified in the application.

For more information on how to apply via the Fast Track service, please visit the Finnish Immigration Bureau website. The Finnish Immigration Service has invested in customer guidance for Fast Track Services, where customers and their employers are directed with the help of frequent automated messages.

Fast track service comes from close development cooperation

The Finnish Immigration Bureau is actively participating in the preparation of fast tracks for professionals and D visas. Preparatory work is done throughout the year.

The Fast Track service was developed with the help of extensive and close cooperation. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Interior, Business Finland, Economic Development, Transport Environment Center, Digital and Population Data Services, etc. are participating. Preparing for fast track service.

The preparation and implementation of fast track services has already received praise and positive feedback from customers and businesses. The new steps are described as welcome improvements and good development.

“Customer and corporate views played an important role in the preparatory work. Fasttrack services meet the expectations of a more predictable and transparent licensing process. So what customers are in each phase of the process. Everyone needs to play their part in order to be aware of what will happen and to be successful in Fast Track, which will support customers and employers in a variety of ways, “said Immonen.

The processing of specialist applications is partially automated and development work continues. Enhanced automation is the most important way to accelerate the authorization process. In addition, the authorities participating in the process have promised a strict deadline to be able to maintain the 14-day service pledge.

The number of residence permit applications is increasing each year, and more and more people are moving to Finland to work, study, or join their families. International employees, students and researchers are important to Finland’s innovation and growth. International competition for employees is fierce, so you need to be able to move quickly and easily to Finland for work or study.

In addition to professional and entrepreneurial permits, we aim to process other residence permits for work and study within up to a month in 2023.

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Source: Finnish Immigration Department Faster entry for specialists and start-up entrepreneurs – Fast Track service will be introduced on June 1st

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