Father can cook

Tony Williams and Dwain Wallace may not be kitchen masters, but both have the ability to do “little things”. And after a one-time class with Master Chef Charles Missick, we show new confidence and gratitude to the kitchen. The Simply Better Gourmand Institute has men on the Star 106 hit Good Morning’Dismonin’show wear an apron to prepare a three-course meal at a show of thanks to the ever-challenging radio show Dad. rice field. Thank you to your father.

At an event before Father’s Day, Williams and Wallace worked on a three-course meal with roasted butternut squash soup, cornish hen and grilled vegetables stuffed with roasted herbs, and apple guava strudel. As the saying goes, “If you feed a person a fish, you feed him a day. If you teach a person a fish, you feed him a lifetime.”

Williams said he left the class knowing that he would definitely be impressed when he went forward and entered the kitchen.

After slicing, dicing, chopping, and stirring to make a meal, Williams said, “You can definitely taste more.”

“That was amazing. I never knew much of what I learned-so when I enter the kitchen now … yeah, I’ll be impressed.”

Wallace praised Mythic and said he would ensure that whatever delicious food comes out of his kitchen would credit the chef.

“When I make it myself and look at the whole process, the ingredients of the dish come alive,” Wallace, who entered the class, said he knew how to make three things. “If I could learn to cook Indian game chicken, I would have started for a long time. The taste of Indian game chicken is not so good … my mine.”

Tony Williams (right) and Dwayne Wallace chop the ingredients for roasted butternut squash soup. Also depicted is the CEO of Master Chef Charles Mythic and the Simply Better Gourmand Institute.

He also enjoyed the roasted butternut squash soup.

Wallace, who was thinking of taking several courses, said he was planning more cooking classes in the future.

“It was my first class, but it’s certainly not my last. My dad can cook,” he said.

Mythic cooking classes are small groups (up to 6 people) and offer an interactive experience for 3 hours, once a week.

Learn how to make soup, chicken, vegetables, pasta, rice, fish and shellfish, and beef. In the class, you will learn the basic basics such as stir-fried and stir-fried fish, filing and frying fish, proper preparation of whole roast chicken, how to water chicken, how to pack chicken, tenderness of meat, how to cook vegetables, etc. Learn How to plate properly.

Those who like cooking or want to improve their kitchen skills will definitely benefit from the informative Mythic class. No matter how much you know or how good you are at cooking, you can learn something new.

For home chefs and culinary enthusiasts, taking cooking courses taught by industry experts can take your cooking skills to the next level. Whatever your motivation for taking a cooking class, you can have fun and learn a lot about great food, beautiful ingredients and proper cooking techniques.

Mythic can be reached by # 20 Sears Hill or by phone number 557-2619 or 325-4792.

Father’s Day is the time when people celebrate an important male figure in life. The third Sunday in June is a day to show what a worthy man is in and how he is influencing a person’s life. With this in mind, the organizers of the radio icon Goodmonin’s “Dismonin” show received a special invitation to cook with Mythic prior to Father’s Day, which is celebrated on Sunday, June 19th. I did.

Many celebrate Father’s Day, but at first the holidays were completely unacceptable. But over time, people have embraced the idea of ​​the father’s impact on the family, especially in the lives of children.

First Father’s Day was celebrated in Washington State on June 19, 1910. However, it was not until 1972, about 58 years after US President Woodrow Wilson officially announced Mother’s Day, that the day of honoring his father became a national holiday in the United States.

Despite the initial controversy over Father’s Day, society has increased awareness of the importance of Father.

Like mothers, fathers want to know how much their children love them and why they think they are great. Father can cook

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