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Fauci vows more tests as Omicron hits the United States with a mallet

Anthony Fauci, the U.S.’s top pandemic adviser, acknowledged the “testing problem” for coronavirus (Covid-19) as Omicron strains dominate the country, making more tests available to Americans next month. I vowed to do it.
“One of the problems is that it won’t be fully available to everyone until January, and there are still some problems for people who are having a hard time taking the test,” he said. I told the ABC talk show this week.
“But we’re working on a test issue,” he added, adding that “immediately” needs to be fixed.
Covid-19 cases have become predominantly infectious Omicron variants throughout the United States in recent weeks as Americans rushed to overwhelm hospitals and Covid testing sites to be tested for vacation trips. It has increased rapidly.
Authorities have recorded an average of over 175,000 new daily cases over the last period, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
After being exposed to the virus, Omicron was forced to cancel hundreds of flights in the United States because the crew had to be called ill or quarantined.
Fauci said the government has been strengthened to deal with it.
“Several parts of the president’s response ensure proper backup of hospitals with military personnel, doctors, nurses and other health care providers, ensure that there is sufficient PPE (personal protective equipment), and need it. It is to confirm that according to. The national strategic stockpile has sufficient ventilation, “he said.
The White House adviser also emphasized that Omicron is “very contagious.”
At the same time, Fauci said recent studies in South Africa and the United Kingdom show that Omicron is less likely to lead to hospitalization than previous strains of virus, and that hospitalization duration and patient oxygen requirements are lower. ..
However, Fauci also warned that the apparently lower severity of Omicron is likely to be neutralized by how quickly it spreads.
“The problem we don’t want to be satisfied with is … when you have such a large amount of new infections, it may negate the actual reduction in severity,” he said. Told.
The White House announced on Tuesday a new Covid response plan that includes additional hospital assistance and enhanced immunization and testing, but there are no new restrictions before the New Year holidays.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/706948/Fauci-vows-more-testing-as-Omicron-hammers-US Fauci vows more tests as Omicron hits the United States with a mallet

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