FBI Announces Removal of Hive Ransomware Network

In a recent press release, the FBI announced the takedown of Hive, a ransomware network with members in multiple states across Europe and North America.

US distributor said They’ve been suing since at least 2021.

hacked by hackers

Despite the FBI’s efforts, the network was difficult to crack. However, in July 2022, law enforcement was able to break into the cybercrime group’s control center and access the decryption keys provided to victims who paid the demanded ransom.

A famous example of this attack is encryption In the spring of 2022, Costa Rica’s healthcare service increased the number of computers, and Hive demanded $5 million in Bitcoin in exchange for decryption.

As a result, over the past few months, the FBI has quietly approached victims of attacks, handed over keys, refused ransomware payments of up to $130 million, and effectively cut off the group’s funding. Did. Hackers are believed to have secured approximately $100 million in ransoms for over 1,500 victims. This means the FBI has effectively denied more than half of potential payouts.

The FBI contacted both victims who contacted law enforcement and those who did not. Unfortunately, only 20% of Hive victims sought help, so FBI Director Christopher Wray said the only way he could help cybercrime victims was by reaching out. urged to remind the public that there is.

“The systematic disruption of the Hive’s computer network, combined with our constant search for useful technical information to share with our victims, combined with research aimed at developing strategies to wreak havoc on our adversaries, has allowed us to shows what can be achieved.

The FBI will continue to leverage our intelligence and law enforcement tools, global presence and partnerships to counter cybercriminals targeting U.S. businesses and organizations. “

Cooperation across multiple agencies

Since then, the European and North American FBI and its partners have made further inroads into the network, seizing the cybercrime group’s assets on January 26.

In total, 16 agencies in 12 countries worked together to shut down criminal networks and enable victims to recover their funds.

The network was down, but Hive wasn’t the only ransomware group. This fact serves as a reminder that we are all in control of our cybersecurity at all times.

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