FdI as a top party rose 0.6% to 22.6%, PD fell 0.6% to 21%-English

(ANSA)-May 10 Rome-Right-wing nationalist Brothers of Italy (FdI), as Italy’s top party in the latest SWG poll on Tuesday, rose 0.6% to 22.6%, center left Democratic Party (PD) decreased by 0.6% to 21. % Of the second spot.

Nationalist and populist league parties fell 0.2% to 15.6% in 3rd place, and the dissident Five Star Movement (M5S) in 4th place rose 0.3% to 12.8%, three times former Prime Minister and media mogul Silvio. Berlusconi’s Center-Right Forza Italia (FI) Party is stable at 8% in 5th place.

Premier Mario Draghi’s confidence increased from 53% in April to up to 56%.

Confidence in the national unity government, which excludes only FdI, has increased from 50% to 54%.

Photo: FdI leader Giorgia Meloni (ANSA).

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