Fellini Museum stands for “Fellini Forbidden”-Lifestyle

(ANSA)-Rome, June 30-The Fellini Museum in Rimini is exhibiting 42 “prick” sketches made by a great director for the 1976 film Casa Nova.

Fellini never happened in the collection of drawings by his members Dolce Vita and the 8 1/2 Master, created for a film starring Donald Sutherland as an avid sexual conqueror. There are English captions as if you were planning.

Fellini’s drawing to his friend and collaborator Tonino Guerra is in the hands of Rimini-born web entrepreneur and art collector Massimiliano Benedetti. The simplicity of the line and the irony of the idea.

“I think this show will allow people to fully understand how modern his vision was on erotica.”

Exciting sketches are the second major collection of Ferrini paintings following his famous dream book. (ANSA).

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