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Female military registration delayed due to fatwa authorities’ view: Defense Minister

Kuwait: Recruiting Kuwaiti women in the military is not obligatory, and the Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister affirmed yesterday while being burned in parliament to carry out non-combat missions. Army women’s work is restricted to technical, medical, engineering services and other non-combatant missions, Shake Hamad Javert al Ali al Saba of Abdullah al Salem Hall said. He said he was on the podium because of an MP question. Hamad al-Azumi was skeptical of the regularity of the ministerial performances at the Defense Post.

Minister Sheikh Hamad Javert has stated several times that women’s registration with the Kuwait Military Forces is limited to medical and backup services. “These are the missions the Defense Ministry women are currently doing, they can’t think of anything new, and they don’t even mention carrying weapons,” after a parliamentarian addressed a question to the minister. He emphasized. However, the minister pointed out that the issue of female registration was postponed in order to clarify the views of the Fatwa Authority of the Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Ministry. He claims that up to 34 Islamic states allow female citizens to join the military, some of which state that Kuwait is also a member of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). rice field.

The Kuwaiti people rejected the argument that they were shocked by the planned recruitment of women’s troops, saying that the female population would enjoy economic benefits and benefits by joining the military ranks. He questioned the MP’s silence when Law 283/2018, which regulates the employment of women in the military, was enacted. In response to the accusations of misappropriation of funds, the minister noted that the committee under his jurisdiction had resolved many financial problems and confirmed that he had answered questions from the Audit Office.

Sheikh Hamad submitted a final report of the relevant investigative commission to the Anti-Corruption Authority (Nazaha) on June 16 and sent another report on September 2 on the issue of Eurofighter aircraft. Stated. MP Al-Azmi denied the minister’s remarks that the military had called on women to join the ranks of combatants and accused him of ignoring Dysyr’s remarks on the Eurofighter deal, for a total of 8.9. He also questioned the high cost of reaching the dollar. a billion. He also accused him of being content with the national policy of “Kuwaitization” and said the ministry had a total of 3,976 employees, including 2,600 Kuwaitians.

Description of the grill

Parliamentarian Marzouq Ali Al-Ghanem said in a statement after working to discuss the cross-examination item that parliamentarians submitted the grill movement on January 4. Ghanem explained that he had been notified to the Minister in accordance with the text of Article 135. Interrogated as soon as it was presented as it was on the agenda of the session.

The Defense Minister submitted a request for clarification on Sunday, adding that it was answered on Monday. He said the interrogation could only be discussed eight days after the date of submission, according to the body of the article above. However, unless urgently and with the approval of the Minister, the subject of the cross-examination may request Directed to extend this period to a maximum of two weeks, and his request will be granted. He pointed out that a similar period of postponement is permitted by a parliamentary decision and is not permitted beyond this period except after the approval of the majority of parliamentarians.

Defense Minister Ganem asked if he would discuss the cross-examination at yesterday’s session or demand a postponement, and said he was ready. Article 135 stipulates that the speaker shall notify the Prime Minister or the competent minister of the cross-examination immediately after submission, be included in the agenda of the next first session, and set the date of the discussion after hearing his / her remarks. is doing. The person who was instructed to cross-examine. — Kuna

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/womens-military-enrolment-delayed-for-fatwa-authoritys-views-defense-minister/ Female military registration delayed due to fatwa authorities’ view: Defense Minister

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