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Ferdinand Marcos Jr. swears to President of the Philippines

Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the son from which the name of the exiled dictator was derived, became the new president in one of the country’s most recent political resurrections in history.

Marcos Jr. inherits decades of Muslim and Communist rebellion, crime, disparate inequality, and political divisions inflamed by his elections. (Reuters)

Ferdinand Marcos Jr. became President of the Philippines and completed decades of efforts to bring the clan back to the country’s premier office.

Marcos Jr., the son of the country’s late dictator and the origin of his name, swore on Thursday in front of hundreds of local and foreign officials, journalists and supporters at the National Museum in Manila.

Thousands of police officers, including rebels, SWAT commandos, and snipers, have been deployed to the Gulf tourist area for safety.

Douglas Emhoff, the husband of Vice President Wang Qishan of China and Vice President Kamala Harris of the United States, was one of the foreign officials in attendance.

He praised the rule of the archipelagic state of his dictator’s father after taking over Rodrigo Duterte as the new leader of the country.

After taking office, Marcos Jr. said, “I knew that little had been achieved since independence. He did.”

“It will be with his son. You can’t get an excuse from me.”


Thirty-six years after a military-backed “people’s power” rebellion drove his father to global infamy, the rise of his power reminds us of holidays, monuments, and the Philippine Constitution’s tyranny. Overturned the politics of Asian democracy.

Under his father, martial law activists and survivors protested Marcos Jr.’s inauguration.

“Is this really happening?” Asked Bonifacio Ilagan, a 70-year-old activist who was detained and severely tortured by rebels during the reign of Elder Marcos before his inauguration.

“For a martial law victim like me, this is a nightmare.”

Difficult times

Such historic baggage and hostility are in a position to hunt down Marcos Jr. during the six years of presidency that began during the terrible crisis.

The Philippines is one of the most devastated countries in Asia after a two-year coronavirus pandemic, with more than 60,000 deaths and a long-term blockade that puts the economy in the worst recession since World War II. Fall, poverty, unemployment and hunger have worsened.

As the pandemic eased earlier this year, Russia’s attack on Ukraine surged global inflation and raised concerns about food shortages.

Last week, Marcos Jr. announced that he would temporarily serve as Secretary of Agriculture after taking office to prepare for food supply emergencies.

He also inherits the decades-old Muslim and Communist rebellions, crimes, disparity inequality and political divisions inflamed by his elections.

Congress declared last month the victory of his landslide in the vice presidential election and the victory of his running mate Sara Duterte, the daughter of the next president.

Source: AFP

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