Ferry company raises ticket price for the second time in 2022

Travelers can be seen getting off the ferry at Piraeus Harbor on Saturday. Health experts are afraid that the number of Covid-19 will skyrocket as people return from vacation.

The Greek ferry company has raised the price of tickets for most routes for the second time this year because of high fuel costs. The new price came into effect on June 15th.

New prices range from an average of 5% to 10%, while previous increases in April 2022 reached an average of 10 to 12%.

Ferry operating costs have skyrocketed by as much as 70%, according to coastal shipping industry executives. Passenger ferries on the Pizzeria-Chania route require approximately 33 tonnes of fuel per day to operate this route. Today, ultra-low sulfur fuel oil (VLSFO) used on ships without scrubber has gone from $ 480 last year to $ 1,264 per ton. Therefore, ships on this line will cost 41,250 euros on fuel alone on each route, up from 15,840 euros, which was needed about a year ago, executives said.

“We said 2022 would be the first year we would return to normal, but then in the last few months there was a Russian-Ukraine war that pushed up the energy costs of ships,” shipping market officials said. News agency AMNA told.

AMNA understands that as of July 1st, new rises may be expected on some routes.

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