Few clinics and care workers have not been vaccinated yet –

Despite the facility-based coronavirus vaccination obligation, not all Berlin hospital and elderly home employees are fully immunized.

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“According to a study by our administration, the vaccination rate for fully vaccinated people is between 82 and 100 percent in Berlin hospitals and about 90 percent among care facility employees,” said Health. An administrative spokesman told dpa on Friday (April 8, 2022).

There is no information about employment prohibition

He had not yet provided information on possible access to the area or banning the employment of unvaccinated people. “First, the available reported figures are currently being processed and checked,” a spokesman said. He said the Senate Health Department would notify him as soon as reliable data became available from the State Department of Health.

Compulsory vaccination in the health care sector after March

Facility-based coronavirus vaccination requirements have been enforced in the health sector since March 15. In Berlin, health authorities assess how much medical care is at risk in a particular area or district. If necessary, the proceedings against unvaccinated persons can be suspended. Therefore, these employees are not automatically prohibited from joining or working, but in some cases they can continue to work for the time being.

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Date of issue: April 8, 2022

Last updated: April 8, 2022

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