Fewer Maltese this year, more foreign tourists visiting Gozo during Santa Maria weekend – GTA

The number of Maltese visiting Gozo over the Santa Maria weekend fell, but this year saw a record increase in foreign tourists visiting the island, said Joe Muscat, chief executive of the Gozo Tourism Association.

Muscat said Gozo’s tourist accommodation occupancy is positive as the island is currently in peak summer vacation, which also coincides with the feast of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, according to reports the association currently has. said it is. The holiday known as “Santa Maria”.

“The feedback this year has been good,” he said, adding that Gozo is very popular with Maltese people at this time of year. Told.

But Muscat said the association has seen a decline in the number of Maltese visiting Gozo this year, while the number of foreign tourists has increased.

“Gozo has broken all records in terms of Maltese visits to the island over the past two years, as Covid-19 restrictions have prevented international travel. of Maltese have chosen the islands to spend their holidays abroad rather than in Gozo,” he said.

Muscat said the number of foreigners visiting Gozo has increased and that this time of year is expected to be better than usual.

But Muscat said the numbers had not yet reached pre-pandemic levels and that 2022 was still the year of recovery from Covid-19. He said the question remains unanswered as to whether the travel is compensating for the

“It’s the opposite situation to last year.”

Asked about feedback from Gozo’s restaurants, Muscat said inflation has affected tourist spending as restaurants have had to raise food prices.

“People are becoming more cautious and wiser about spending money in restaurants because of inflation. Feedback from restaurants has been about the same as in previous years, but inflation has affected tourists in these restaurants and their It affects how much money is spent,” Muscat said. Fewer Maltese this year, more foreign tourists visiting Gozo during Santa Maria weekend – GTA

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