Fides Group Leader Submits 11th Constitutional Amendment

Mate Kocish, the group leader of the ruling Fides party, submitted a bill to parliament on Tuesday to amend Article 11 of the Hungarian Basic Law.

Under the amendment, local elections will take place on the same day as the European Parliament elections. With this amendment, local elections will be held in April, May, June or July 2024 instead of the usual October.

In justifying the proposal, Kovács said that holding this year’s general election and the referendum on child protection on the same day saved more than 10 billion forint (€ 25.1 million) in budget.

With the amendment of Article 11, the term used by the county as an administrative division before 1949 will also be restored.

The motion requires a two-thirds majority to pass.

As I wrote last month Hungarian Parliament approves Article 10 of constitutional amendment..

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