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Fiercely fought polls, anxiety, and BJP-TMC conflicts keep Tripla on the edge

Agartala: Tripla felt the edge until 2021 as he made headlines for news of fierce battle elections and community clashes in the fierce COVID-19 pandemic.

The ruling BJP, which suffered a defeat in the Tripla Tribal Regional Autonomous Region Assembly (TTAADC) election earlier this year, has now shattered the TMC, which bravely attempted to invade the fortress of Saffron, and won an overwhelming victory in the referendum. .. ..

Prior to the 2018 parliamentary poll, the Saffron Party had little help in gaining 329 of the 334 seats of the state’s urban citizenship.

The CPI (M), which was defeated by the BJP in a 2018 parliamentary poll after 25 years of uninterrupted rules, ended up with a voting share of only 18 percent.

TMC, which was trying to gain a foothold in the northeastern states, was boosted by a parliamentary vote in neighboring West Bengal, winning more than 16% of the votes cast in civil elections, the face of political violence and intimidation. ..

Several TMC leaders were detained by police for reasons ranging from violating the Covid protocol to disrupting security. Notable among them was Saayoni Ghosh, the leader of the TMC Youth Department, who was charged with attempted murder and attempts to promote hostility.

The Mamata Banerjee-led party, which has been accused of unleashing violence in West Bengal, is on the receiving side in Tripura and has leveled a similar claim to the BJP.

A series of violent incidents shook Tripla during the campaign, forcing the Supreme Court to intervene. The Supreme Court recognized the petition for the protection of TMC members and instructed the Tripura state government not to prevent political parties from implementing the program peacefully.

In a tribal council vote, the newly formed TIPRA, led by the descendants of Pradiot Kishore Devberman, a former chairman of the state legislative seat and former royal family of Tripla, won 18 of the 28 seats. , Left 9 seats in BJP and 1 seat in the Independent Party.

Earlier this year, the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic overwhelmed a small northeastern state. As the number of infections increased, the government sought to strengthen medical infrastructure and accelerate the promotion of vaccination.

The government has announced free education and other support for children who have lost their parents to the infection.

Purnarakshmi, in her eighties, who lives in a remote settlement in West Tripura, became the first person to receive the anticovid vaccine in the state in June. Since then, about 88 percent of the eligible population has been vaccinated, according to the state’s immunity officer, Dr. Supratim Biswas.

That year, Prime Minister Biplab Deb didn’t have to worry about contempt of court, as government officials controlled police and it wasn’t easy to send someone to jail, often with news of gunfire from the waist. When I said it, it was controversial. .. The prime minister later said in the storm of his remarks that his remarks were out of context and twisted.

A welcome move was the promise of Rs 1,300 by Federal Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman for the sustainable development of the Tripra region of Tripura. Sisaraman launched 11 projects during his visit to the state in August.

The northeastern provinces came into the limelight in late 2021 as a joint clash in Bangladesh caused a backlash in the province where the place of worship of Muslims was desecrated.

To avoid further confusion, restrictions were imposed on public movement in the Panisagal and Dharmanagal regions of Tripura. Security has been strengthened throughout the state, and the government has urged people to maintain peace.

Two female journalists who reported the violence and destruction of a Delhi-based news channel were arrested on suspicion of criminal plots and widespread community hatred.

A Tripura court that granted them bail said detention of the two would be an extreme reduction in personal freedom. The Supreme Court later suspended criminal proceedings against them.

https://www.siasat.com/2021-bitterly-fought-polls-unrest-bjp-tmc-tussle-keep-tripura-on-edge-2250705/ Fiercely fought polls, anxiety, and BJP-TMC conflicts keep Tripla on the edge

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