FIFA World Cup: Senegal beat Qatar 3-1

Colombo (No. 1 in the news) – Goals from Boulay Dia, Famara Didiu and Sheikh Dien helped Senegal beat hosts Qatar 3-1 in Doha.

Boulaye Dia scored the first goal of the match, jumping at the opportunity as the Qatari defense made a rare mistake to put Senegal ahead 1-0 minutes before half-time.

Senegal made it 2-0 just minutes into the second half with a Famara Didiu goal.

Senegalese goalkeeper Eduardo Mendy also made some world-class saves before supersub Mohammad Muntari scored back for Qatar with a spectacular header.

Sheikh Dien then scored a goal to make Senegal 3–1.

However, Qatar managed to keep the slate clear for most of the first half.

the latest news FIFA World Cup: Senegal beat Qatar 3-1

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