Filipino English teacher heads to Taiwan as part of bilingualism promotion

MANILA, Aug. 13 (CNA) This week, the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) of the Philippines held a farewell party for the first group of Filipino English teachers recruited for the program initiated by the Ministry of Education (MOE). did. Promote bilingual education in Taiwan.

The 14 English teachers and three teaching assistants at a send-off party in Metro Manila on Thursday were interviewed by MOE’s Taiwan Foreign Ministry, which aims to help find English teachers in Taiwan’s public primary and secondary schools. Part of the Human English Teachers Program (TFETP). Lever.

According to TECO data, a total of 77 English teachers and 11 teaching assistants from the Philippines have been recruited to teach in Taiwan during this upcoming academic year.

Among the 14 who headed to Taiwan this week was 57-year-old Pilipinas Arroyo, an experienced teacher who has taught college and high school level English in the Philippines for 25 years and a university in Libya for 11 years.

Arroyo told CNA that she had a good impression of Taiwan when she visited in 2019, so when the opportunity arose to teach there, she wanted to go there.

“It’s a mix of old and new cultures. That’s one of the things I like about it. increase.

Another teacher, Rufina Guzman Defeo, said she wants to devote her passion to teaching to help Taiwan achieve its goal of becoming a bilingual nation by 2030.

According to TECO, the “Bilingual Nation 2030 Policy” aims to advance Taiwan’s bilingual education system and enhance the English proficiency of Taiwanese people.

Meanwhile, according to TECO, Pines Testa, who has been working as an English teacher for seven years, chose the program not only for the competitive salary and benefits, but also for the opportunity to shape the lives of foreign students through teaching. He said he applied.

In a speech at the event, TECO President Xu Peiyong said that the program was first launched in 2004 and aims to help Taiwanese students develop an interest in English and seize opportunities to demonstrate their abilities. You said you are looking to hire teachers and teaching assistants. . Filipino English teacher heads to Taiwan as part of bilingualism promotion

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