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Filipino noisy election campaign season begins

Manila: Philippine election candidates will hust for the official launch of the campaign on Tuesday, with the same name as the son of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos leading the presidential election in search of the ultimate revival of the family brand. ..

Politicians, celebrities and former prisoners are among the candidates competing for more than 18,000 posts in a May 9 poll and are most interested in the contest to take over the authoritarian fire brand Rodrigo Duterte. there is. And the deadly drug war.

After the Philippines is more than 35 years, which emerged from the dictatorship of his father, according to the voters of the investigation, increasing the large-scale social media campaign support, because it is white fill the history of the clan, Ferdinand Marcos Jr. toward the landslide victory you have. Marcos Jr., one of the most bipolar of the person in the Philippines, boosted by his eldest daughter to a formidable alliance with Sarah Zimmerman of the vice presidential candidate, a “unified the country, give a future worthy of the fellow.” I vowed.

In the Philippines, the President and Vice President are elected separately. Efforts to disqualify Marcos Jr. on a tax conviction decades ago have sparked public quarrels among election officials, but cocaine’s snorts and allegations of corruption among presidential candidates have been confused and deceived. It fuels the political atmosphere that has been struck.

As always, personality will outperform politics for many of the approximately 65 million voters who decide who to support. “This will be a campaign dominated by personality and political dynasties, not a conflict over policy or economic ideology,” said Eurasia Group analyst Peter Manford.

Retired presidents usually identify their preferred successors who not only protect their heritage, but also want to keep them away from prison. However, Duterte has been silent since his choice, loyal aide Christopher Go, withdrew from the contest.
Opinion polls show that Marcos Jr., commonly known as “bonbon,” has a significant lead in the field of five credible presidential candidates. Some analysts are still cautious about calling the winner in a race that only requires the winner to get more votes than anyone else.

Vice President Leni Robredo, an opposition candidate and adversary for both Marcos Jr. and Duterte, is the second person after celebrity Mayor Francisco Domagoso, former boxing champion Manny Pacquiao, and former police chief Panphilo Laxon. “Nothing has been decided. It’s a very fluid race,” political analyst Richard Haydarian said in a briefing.

“A room that moves in small enough steps”

Marcos Jr.’s victory marks the ultimate political resurgence of his controversial clan chased by US asylum seekers after the humiliating fall of the Patriarch in 1986. The dictator oversaw widespread human rights abuses to maintain control of the country and allow for his massive looting. The former Filipino government said thousands of people had been killed or tortured.
Opponents trying to prevent the Marcos from returning to the presidential residence filed a petition with the Election Commission to drive his son out of the race over his previous conviction of failing to file a tax return. did.

He has already defeated one of the problems, but the important judgment on some of the disqualification case was postponed. Although one of the election officials involved in the trial of these incidents was retired last week, she defeated the rank, announced her decision to disqualify the Marcos Jr, was cast of political interference accusation.

Many years of observers of Philippine politics, said, “I think there is actually enough wiggle room to disappoint him.” “If the bonbon Marcos is disqualified, this country will probably explode.” Marcos Jr., tried to defend the rule of his father with reference to his economic growth, human rights between the government It was to minimize the infringement.

But questions about the alleged unjust wealth of his family’s past are a source of frustration. He recently eavesdropped on her invitation to talk to a respected TV journalist, calling her to have her prejudice, and told another, “She’s back to the 35-year-old problem. No. ” Robledo, who slightly defeated Marcos Jr. in the 2016 vice presidential election, entered the presidential election under pressure from supporters and opposition groups. Her volunteer-led campaign has touched the hearts of her progressives, but her gentle personality undermines her charm in a deep macho country. “We want a brave leader,” said Jean Franco, a professor of political science at the University of the Philippines. – AFP

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