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Hundreds of Grand Bahamians attended the Ministry of Labor’s job fair on Saturday at Jack Hayward High School, and about three years after Hurricane Dorian, the island’s economic situation continued to deteriorate overall. I wished good luck.

“I really need a job,” said Tatiana Roll. Grand Bahama News She has been unemployed since the storm.

Rolle wants to secure employment at Doctors Hospital or the building materials company GoldRock Corp. Ltd.

“I want us in Grand Bahama to get what we deserve,” said Roll in his late twenties.

Many Grand Bahamans shared similar feelings. Dorian made things worse, but many had already dealt with the island’s difficult economy for more than a decade.

The majority of job seekers appeared optimistic, while others expressed dissatisfaction.

A 56-year-old man, who only named Charles, said he was disappointed that there was no construction company at the event.

“There must have been at least one or two construction companies here,” he said, leaving Jack Hayward Jim after 10 am.

Charles pointed out that he had met one or two companies and said his expertise was in the construction sector.

“It’s good for us in Grand Bahama, which has been suffering for a long time, but I think they (organizers) should have covered all sectors,” he said.

Two women over the age of 50, who don’t want to name them, said the company didn’t seem to be looking for employees in their age group.

“From the interview, they felt like they were looking for a young person, but in Grand Bahama, I came out today because both young and old need work at this time,” said one of the women. Said.

“My friends call me when they hear about any kind of hiring and we come out looking for a job together, but I think this is my last.”

Twenty-six companies and institutions, including Grand Lukayan, Club Fortuna, Royal Bahamas Police, Royal Bahamas Defense Forces, Doctors Hospital, LEED (Training Agency), Grand Bahama Shipyard, and Freeport Container Port, will exhibit booths at employment briefings. bottom. ..

There is a mixture of young and old people, and some people wanted to get a job from 6 o’clock in the early morning.

Bonnie Johnson, head of the Ministry of Labor, said:

At 10 am, Johnson estimated that about 200 job seekers passed through the door.

“I hope to meet 500 people by the time I leave here at 2 pm,” she said.

“Opportunities are here. We bring it to people and hope they take advantage of those opportunities.”

Johnson, who was watching the entrances and exits, also talked to individuals on their departure to see if they were happy with their visits to the various booths.

“I redirect them to other individuals to ensure they get help,” she said. “It’s also a good idea to check with us if they didn’t get a job, and we can help them further.”

There were two government-sponsored job fairs on Saturday. One was in Grand Bahama and the other was in New Providence.

“This is happening at the same time as Nassau, so it will be done regularly until the Bahamas are 100% hired,” Johnson said.

“We are looking forward to it.” Find a job-Nassau Guardian

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