Finland and Estonia discussed deepening cooperation to promote the digitalization of logistics

Minister of Finland Department of Transportation and Communication Timo Halaka and Minister of Entrepreneurship and Information Technology of Estonia Christian Jarvan They met in Helsinki on August 30, 2022 to discuss deepening cooperation between the two countries to accelerate the digitization of logistics.

Cooperation between Finland and Estonia plays an important role in promoting the digitization of logistics.

In Finland, cross-border cooperation is included in the government resolution on the digitalization of logistics published last year. Cooperation is expected to improve the efficiency of international transport, create new business opportunities, and facilitate the achievement of emissions reduction targets.

“Today we have agreed to further boost cooperation between our two countries. Our goal is to ensure the seamless digitization of logistics between Finland and Estonia, and to achieve this efforts will continue,” said Finnish Minister of Transport and Communications Timo Haraka.

“Estonia and Finland are known for their success in digital services, so it makes sense for us to extend our digital know-how to logistics. It can be done smoothly and quickly, so I would like to ask my good colleagues in Finland to be a leader in the rapid uptake of electronic freight forwarding information, coordinate issues related to digital logistics, and jointly explore funding opportunities. To this end, I have proposed the formation of a working group between Finland and Estonia,” said the Estonian minister. He Kristjan Järvan in Entrepreneurship and Information Technology.

Seminar focused on potential cooperation between Finland and Estonia

Ministers Harakka and Järvan also spoke about the seminar “Digitalization of Logistics – Obligation or Opportunity for Cooperation?” hosted by the Estonian Embassy in Helsinki and the Estonian Ministry of Economy and Communications.

The seminar focused on opportunities for cooperation between Finland and Estonia in the digitization of logistics, paperless goods transportation and digital services. The seminar also discussed the implementation of the Electronic Transport Information Regulation (eFTI Regulation). This will strengthen the digital transformation of the sector and the interoperability of systems across Member States.

Other topics on the seminar agenda included the EU’s Digital and Data Initiatives to enable the use of data across sector boundaries. Business opportunities in logistics between Finland and Estonia and the benefits of digitization in logistics in terms of supply security were also discussed.

Cooperation between Finland and Estonia to facilitate the digitization of logistics could be on the agenda of an intergovernmental conference between the two countries in late 2022. Finland and Estonia are currently cooperating on initiatives such as the rollout of electronic financial data. Cooperation between project stakeholders in both countries will also continue for the EU call for proposals to be launched in the autumn.


Source: Ministry of Transport and Communication Finland and Estonia discussed deepening cooperation to promote the digitalization of logistics

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