Finland cuts visas issued to Russians, Estonia suspends them on Thursday –


Finland reduce the number of visa issued to Russian Foreign Minister Pekka Harvist said on Tuesday that it had risen to 10% from its current level.

He said the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs will reduce the number visa Application interview from September 1st. visa Issued to Russian citizens.Helsinki introduces ‘national humanitarians’ instead visagiven to those who flee Russia, journalist and human rights activist. Therefore, this measure primarily affects Russian tourists.

Finland It is the second European country after Estonia Announces restrictions on travel for Russian citizens to its territory.

Estonia restrictions

on thursday Tallinn carry out limit prohibited from entering Estonia of Russian citizens who have visa issued by Estonia I plan to visit the Republic for tourism, business, sports or cultural purposes.

If this is a citizen of Russia, to whom Estonia issued the Schengen Agreement visa If the purpose of your visit is tourism, business, sports or culture, you will not be allowed entry upon arrival at the Narva, Ruhama or Koidura border points. Estonia‘, the government news agency announced on Friday.

The government ensures that Russian citizens issued visa Estonia can be entered by other Schengen countries or by people already in the Schengen area.

visa It has limited uses. From August 18, only Russians invited by Estonians living in Russia can participate. Estonia or close relatives legally residing in Russia (daughter, son, mother, father, etc.), Russian diplomats and their families, employees of international trade and passenger transport working in Russia Estoniawho can travel under European Union law and who are eligible for it Estonia are considering issuing visa Justified on humanitarian grounds.

Estonia When Finland A week ago the EU called for limiting the number of Schengen agreements visa For Russian citizens, including banning tourists from entering the country. Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Karas said visiting the EU was a privilege and not a human right.

This initiative is also supported by Latvia.

RussiaBordering Schengen countries are under intense pressure from Russian citizens wishing to travel to Europe. After the suspension of operations, I had no choice but to apply to neighboring countries, and from there to the EU inland.

According to the Schengen rules, tourists must visa However, you can enter any Schengen country without border controls from any point and travel within it for a maximum of 90 days in any 180-day period.

At the end of the month, EU foreign ministers will discuss whether to adopt a pan-European approach to limiting the issuance of the Schengen Agreement visa For Russian citizens. The idea has strong support from the Czech Republic, which currently holds the Presidency of the EU Council.Prague was the first capital to refuse placement visa In Russian passports after Moscow expelled almost the entire embassy, ​​making consular services impossible to operate.

However, Germany disagrees. On Monday, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said it was unfair to Russian expats who opposed the war in Ukraine. With over 3.5 million Russian speakers living in Germany, he is one of the largest Russian diasporas in Europe.

Rejection of the Schengen Agreement visa Ukraine sees an opportunity for Russian citizens deprived of travel to Europe to pressure the Kremlin to end the war in Ukraine.

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