Finland ends contract with Rosatom – new defense order.strategy

Rosatom He expressed “honest disappointment” in connection with the Finnish party’s decision to terminate the construction contract for the Hanhikivi-1 nuclear power plant by Fennovoima Oy. The NPP construction contract was signed in 2013 by Rosatom’s subsidiary ROOTS Project Oy and Fennovoima in Finland.

On May 2, 2022, Fennovoima announced the termination of its EPC contract with Rosatom due to “significant delays in the RAOS project and the inability to implement the project”. In addition, the conflict in Ukraine influenced the decision.

According to the statement, Russia’s military operations in Ukraine “exacerbated the risks to the project” and “RAOS could not reduce any of these risks.”

In a statement, Fennovoima also said the negative impact of the project’s refusal on Finland and the withdrawal from the contract were “not easy”.

On the same day, Rosatom issued Statement of disappointment with Finland’s decision:

“I don’t fully understand the reason for such a decision. The project is underway, teamwork has been established between the customer and the contractor, and the company’s shareholders and media have been repeatedly notified by the CEO of Fennovoima. “

Rosatom’s statement reveals that the decision to withdraw from the project was unilaterally made by Finnish parties “without detailed discussion at the shareholder level of the project.”

Finland is an active participant in the European Union’s sanctions policy. Finland’s Prime Minister Sanna Marin has repeatedly spoken about the need to tighten sanctions and support Ukraine. In addition, Finland and Sweden are now considering violating a long and neutral tradition by joining NATO. Finland ends contract with Rosatom – new defense order.strategy

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