Finland, Sweden NATO membership transforms region into “theater of war”: Russian envoy

Finland and Sweden The possibility of joining NATO adversely affects their security and the security of Europe. Canada Oleg Stepanov told Sputnik.

“Finland and Sweden will be in a position to treat Russia as an adversary.

To each other, Russians are to change their perception that they were formerly neutral countries as the starting point for NATO’s threat. And in such a paradigm, we can forget about the non-nuclear status of the Baltic Sea. “

The Russian ambassador suggested that after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the West made dangerous choices regarding future models for security and stability.

“For some time, the end of the Cold War may have seemed like a general victory. History has been proved in another way. The United States and its allies presume that they have won, the old of Europe. Missed the opportunity to erase the division and create a new framework. Universal, inclusive and indivisible Europe with equal guarantees for all nations, not only from the Atlantic to the Urals, but from Bancober to Vladivostok. Instead, Washington planners chose to expand NATO and ignore Russia’s security concerns, “Stepanov told Sputnik. ..

The ambassador warned that NATO enlargement, especially the potential accession of Finland and Sweden, would only exacerbate tensions.

“Whatever NATO claims it is, it’s a nuclear army machine that came to our door,” Stepanov said. [808 miles].. And our good neighbors will suddenly find that our area has been politically and militarily calm, but is suddenly included in the arc of tension between NATO and Russia. “

Stepanov emphasized that Russians always respect the tradition of Swedish democracy and military inconsistency, and that both Sweden and Finland have a fairly stable model of coexistence with Russia.

“US and NATO bureaucracy [are] Use different tactics to stimulate certain political camps in Finland and Sweden, lose a peaceful way of life in both countries, and leave Scandinavia another potential war stage from the realms of military inconsistency, stability and prosperity. Persuade them to change to. Once sovereign and respected in their own independent position, they lost their aura and were often forced to obey the collective NATO discipline governed by the United States, often against their security interests. “The Russian ambassador said.

He told Sputnik that Finns and Swedes need to thoroughly assess the situation before making a decision to join NATO, not after such a decision cannot be revoked.

“Do Finns and Swedes really want to be drawn into the US geopolitical march against Russia? We are neighbors and the cost of responsibility for the three of us is much higher than the Washington, DC ideology. “Stepanov added. In this era of testing for security in Europe, we can only expect wisdom to spread. Therefore, Finnish and Swedish members and their elected representatives will double-check and evaluate whether NATO’s temptation deserves it. “

Finland and Sweden have begun to discuss the possibility of abandoning long-term neutral nations and joining NATO during Russia’s military operations in Ukraine. Alliance leader, Jens StoltembergIn March, NATO said it would be happy to welcome Finland and Sweden and give them the opportunity to join the alliance quickly.

The United States expects Sweden to submit a formal application to become a full member of NATO by the end of June, but Finland may already decide to join this month.

Source: ANI / Sputnik Finland, Sweden NATO membership transforms region into “theater of war”: Russian envoy

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