Finnish government accused of non-compliance with climate change law on appeal

Greenpeace and the Finnish Society for the Conservation of Nature (SLL) have submitted an administrative appeal on climate policy to the Supreme Administrative Court.

Environmental groups allege that the Finnish government violated its own climate law by not drafting a set of measures to save carbon sinks. Carbon sinks into the emission source.

Erosion of carbon sinks, tentatively attributed to intensive logging and slowing forest growth, is undermining the very foundations of national climate policy. Greenpeace and SLL have illegally ignored governments’ obligations to assess the need for further action and initiate processes to strengthen carbon sinks, thereby achieving carbon neutrality by 2035. I think you are jeopardizing your goals.

The climate law stipulates that governments must monitor progress in combating climate change and, based on that monitoring, decide what further measures are necessary to meet the targets.

The appeal sets up what is to be Finland’s first climate lawsuit. Environmental groups have decided to file an appeal to urge the country to do its part in addressing the greatest crisis of our time: climate change. Sipilainen Tokothe newly appointed Finnish Country Manager at Greenpeace, wrap up Heading to Helsingin Sanomat on Monday.

“We are in a situation where the government is not adhering to its own climate law. The collapse of carbon sinks has undermined the government’s climate plan. is,” he said.

The appeal relates to the government’s annual climate report, which it submitted to parliament on October 27, calling for the decision to be reversed and sent back to prepare the matter further.The report indicated that Governments are taking an increasingly narrow path to achieve neutrality By 2035.

“Finland has adopted science-based climate targets and climate legislation designed to ensure that the targets are met. There is a reason we Finns are proud of these.” sizeA Greenpeace climate expert said: joint press release From Greenpeace and SLL. “Currently, governments are neglecting their statutory responsibilities to monitor the achievement of targets and determine further measures if necessary.”

“Carbon sinks in the forest and land-use sectors have collapsed, but there has been no sufficient quantitative assessment of the further measures necessitated by the situation, let alone the decision to update the plan.”

She stressed the importance of public trust in the administration’s climate pledges.

The Finnish Institute for the Environment (Syke) and the Finnish Climate Change Panel called for action to save carbon sinks after Statistics Finland released preliminary figures in May. This estimate marks the first time that the land-use sector has changed from an emission source to an emission source.

This should have finally forced the government to act, said SLL conservation expert Hannah Aho.

“We have taken a step back and have gone off the road to carbon neutrality. Said Helsingin Sanomat pointed out that not only the current government but also previous governments have focused on increasing the supply of wood.

The problem persists despite scientists long warning that increased logging poses risks to both climate and natural diversity.

“Carbon sinks will determine the fate of Finnish climate policy. Sanna Marin(SDP) governments stand in stark contrast to the obligations laid down in climate law. Legislated climate change goals are not mere hyperbole, but actions must be aligned with them. “

Minister of Environment and Climate Change Maria Ohisaro The (Greens) welcomed the appeal on Monday as a first step towards an important precedent.

“We are talking about an important precedent in many respects. On a general level, it is of course very important for civil society to put pressure on decision-makers when it comes to making climate policy,” she said. I was. said to Helsingin Sanomat.

She also stressed that Finland is committed to international climate goals and the statutory goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2035.

“This requires both emission reductions and sufficient carbon sequestration,” she said. “There will clearly be a need for a rescue package for carbon sequestration. Climate change measures in the land-use sector fall within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.”

She also argued that the government has responded quickly to preliminary data on the state of carbon sinks, started preparing land-use change fees, and increased funding for climate-sustainable forest management.

“We also launched two studies, one on the reasons behind the collapse of the sink and another on the need to update forest laws,” she said. .

Statistics Finland will release official statistics on the land use sector in December. Meanwhile, the Institute of Natural Resources (Luke) will publish a study on the reasons for the collapse of carbon sinks.

“They will give us more details on the extent of the necessary measures. The government will discuss the situation in evening classes,” Ohisaro promised.

Alexi Teiweinen – HT Finnish government accused of non-compliance with climate change law on appeal

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