Finnish Opposition Praise Committee Report on Border Guard Law Reform

Management Committee Members of the Finnish Parliament completed a report on amendments to the Border Guard Act late Thursday. Report Helsinki Gin Sanoma.

The meeting was effective all day due to the long-standing differences between the parties as to whether it was possible to close the eastern border during the hybrid campaign, but the report was finally unanimously approved.

Both the Finnish Party and the Union Party have succeeded in introducing amendments to government bills that will allow asylum seekers to close their borders during hostile campaigns against Finland, with the result as a major victory. Praised.

The Finnish Parliament will vote on the bill next week.

“This was a big victory for the security of our country.” was happy Riikka Purra (PS), Chairman of Parliamentary Management Committee. “The original government bill was powerless to prevent hostile hybrid campaigns, so we had to stand up.”

Groomsman The (NCP) considered this decision to be the final step in a long-standing effort by opposition parties to introduce provisions that could counter hostile foreign campaigns.

The decision was also welcomed by Eveliina Heinäluoma (SDP).

“The most important thing is that if necessary, we can close the border and focus the receipt of applications where they don’t need to be on the border,” she said, in certain situations. The asylum application was only accepted at Helsinki Airport, for example.

The Commission was basically tasked with balancing the right to seek asylum protected under international agreements with the national ability to respond to hybrid campaigns in border areas.

The government said in its original bill that it should be possible to centralize the receipt of asylum claims in special circumstances. However, the bill states that if a person expresses a desire to apply for asylum despite physical disabilities or orders from border authorities, their case should be dealt with, so the opposition party. Was concerned about the actual ability to close the border.

The Commission concluded that the bill should be supplemented by a section stating that asylum applications can only be submitted at open border crossings.

According to Helsingin Sanomat, the opposition also expressed concern about whether border authorities could drive asylum-seekers crossing the border outside the open border crossing.

Vestman presumed that these concerns were also resolved.

“According to the report, border authorities were able to prevent the illegal crossing of borders by physical force in the case of hybrid operations, even if the cross-border attempts were peaceful,” he said last night. Tweeted. “This means that borders can also be effectively closed.”

Aleksi Teivainen – HT Finnish Opposition Praise Committee Report on Border Guard Law Reform

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