Finnish private equity investor has named a potential listing candidate from its portfolio

Finnish private equity Venture Capital Investors’ (PE investors) have named 44 start-ups and growth companies from their portfolio that could go public in the next five years. The list includes established large companies as well as new technology companies.

PE investors are involved in the development of companies at all stages of their growth. You can find funding and growth partners in both early-stage seed companies and established companies with revenues above his $100 million.

“What these companies have in common is their desire and ability to grow. This list includes, for example, domestic market leaders and international growth rockets,” he said. Pier SantavilletaManaging Director of the Finnish Venture Capital Association.

A total of 44 potential listing candidates have been added to the list of PE investors. Most of the companies nominated were ICT companies or products and services aimed at companies.

This year’s list of potential listing candidates includes companies at all stages of growth. The under-5 million revenue category includes his Happeo, which offers a digital working environment and over the summer he raised a $25 million funding round. Over 100 million categories include, for example, Den Finland, a small home builder that exceeded last year’s sales target.

The uncertainty of the world is reflected in the economy, Juhana KallioPartner and CEO of private equity firm Intera Partners, believes that the stock market is a relevant direction for Finnish companies’ growth paths.

“The stock market remains interesting and we continue to develop our company’s listing strategy as usual,” he commented.

A PE investor is always a temporary owner whose goal is to increase the value of the company they own. Ownership usually ends after 3-7 years. Exits can be done in various ways. Common methods include selling her to another PE investor, acquiring a business, or listing on the stock market.

Half of companies listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange are backed by PE investors

Around half of the companies listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange between 2015 and 2021 are backed by PE investors. 2021 was a record-breaking year for IPOs. Also, the PE investor appeared on the list because 5 of the 8 companies on the main list had his PE investor background.

“A good example of the growth of a company is Puuilo, which went public last year. The company started as a family-owned company and grew with the help of two PE investors, Sentica and Adelis Equity Partners, to become listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. I did,” says Santa Vilta.

The rise of Finnish material technology was evident in last year’s list. Spinnova, which is reinventing the textile industry, and Betolar, which is building a greener alternative to concrete, were both placed on his Nasdaq First North list. Both companies are backed by his PE investors.

The pace of listings has been slower this year, with four companies entering the main list through various mergers and acquisitions, and five listed in the Nasdaq First North growth market. Among the companies listed on First North is Nordic Lights, backed by Sponsor Capital.

“Despite the challenging market conditions, Finland has several active listing projects waiting for the right time. European growth markets have overtaken London’s AIM in both funding and number of listings. It is a pleasure to see such active participation.” Henrik HusmanPresident of Nasdaq Helsinki.


Source: Finnish Venture Capital Association Finnish private equity investor has named a potential listing candidate from its portfolio

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