Fintech Kee System announces merger

Fintech KeeSystem, a Monegasque company specializing in digital tools dedicated to wealth management for independent companies and family offices around the world, is expanding its stake in Luxembourg-based Dharmaz family holding company Evene.

Evene, a family holding company of Pierre Dalmaz, has acquired a 75% stake in Monaco-based Fintech Kee System from Chairman and Founder Pierre-Alexandre Rousselot. Rousselot will continue to manage and develop KeeSystem with the support of new partners.

Founded in 2009, fintech KeeSystem is a pioneering start-up of MonacoTech, an incubator created by Xavier Niel, Monaco Telecom, and the Prince’s government, and needs wealth managers while preparing for the expanding digital world of the future. Responded to.

Since its inception, Monaco’s first wealth tech, Kee System, has expanded to other major financial centers in Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Russia and Brazil, and currently boasts annual sales of around € 2 million. I am.

While operating in Switzerland, the company’s seats are based in Monaco, streamlining the day-to-day management of independent wealth management companies and family offices.

Their software is said to improve management efficiency in terms of the services provided, profitability, and development of user activity. It is a digital asset management solution known for its quality and ease of integration, enabling users to integrate and analyze all securities portfolios deposited in client banks in real time. This allows you to visualize your cash flow and portfolio exposure.

“KeeSystem’s mission is to quickly empower each user to make the most of their investment,” said Pierre-Alexandre Rousselot, founder of KeeSystem. “To do this, we ensure that our skills are communicated through a variety of educational support, including training, workshops and tutorials.”

The Wealth Tech industry is growing rapidly, with this sector more than tripled since 2016, from $ 2.8 billion to $ 9.3 billion by the end of 2020.

As part of it, Ebene operates in four areas of activity, French and international, with expertise in IT consulting, IT publishing, industrial and real estate assets and hotels.

“We are very pleased to welcome KeeSystem to the Ebene Group,” said Pierre Dalmaz, President of Ebene. “Thanks to KeeSense’s wealth management, we are providing successful financial solutions, benefiting from the latest innovative technologies that increase the efficiency of wealth managers and family offices. This technology brings these structures to life. Meet the proven need to bring it directly into the digital world. Prospects will be reassured about the lifespan of KeeSystem returning to the fast-growing Ebene family group of € 100 million. “

Lucerotto adds: “We are pleased to join the Ebene Group so that we can accelerate the development of KeeSystem with a team that already has extensive experience in this area. KeeSystem already has a solid foundation of about 30 customers and KeeSense meets their needs very well. Our desire for growth should be driven by the potential of the wealth management market. Our goal is to be in the most active countries of wealth management. To triple sales and clients internationally over the next five years. We look forward to this new challenge. “



Photo of Kee System Chairman and Founder Pierre-Alexandre Rousselot



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