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FIR for actor Siddhars against Saina Nehwal’s “aggressive” tweets

Hyderabad: A case was registered in Hyderabad’s cybercrime department against actor Siddhars about his unpleasant comments on badminton player Saina Nehwal.

The complaint was filed by a lawyer, Zonal Incharge IT, and social media managers at BJP Telangana, Neelam Bhargava Ram, and Prerna Thiruvaipati, after which police submitted the first Information Report (FIR) to the criminal on Wednesday. rice field.

Hyderabad Police have issued Article 509 of the Indian Criminal Code (words, gestures, or acts aimed at insulting women’s humility) and Article 67 of the Information Technology Act (for publishing or transmitting obscene materials in electronic form). Booked actors based on punishment).

In a Twitter post on January 6, the actor retweeted a post by Newar who expressed concern about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s security breach during his visit to Punjab on January 5.

The actor apologized to Newar on Tuesday night after being severely criticized for his “rude joke” on Twitter badminton player.

In his apology letter posted to twitter, Siddarth has started. “Dear Sina, I would like to apologize for the rude joke I wrote in reply to your tweet a few days ago. I may disagree with you in many ways, but when I read your tweet. Even my disappointment and anger in my can’t justify my tone or words. I know I have more grace. “

In addition, he joked and apologized. “About jokes … If you had to explain a joke, it wasn’t a very good joke in the first place. I’m sorry for the joke that didn’t land,” he wrote.

Siddhars revealed that he had no “malicious” intentions and was a “feminist ally.”

“But I have to insist on wordplay. Humor wasn’t as malicious as many people in all directions were due to it. I’m a stubborn feminist ally and I assure you that my tweets do not include gender and that I have no intention of attacking you as a woman, “he added.

He concludes hoping she would accept his letter.

https://www.siasat.com/hyderabad-fir-against-actor-siddharth-for-offensive-tweet-on-saina-nehwal-2257277/ FIR for actor Siddhars against Saina Nehwal’s “aggressive” tweets

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