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FIR for journalists who broke into a Muslim girl’s house

In an ongoing Hijab case in the Karnataka High Court, police in the Udupi district filed a FIR with reporters alleging that they had broke into the house of a Muslim girl in the name of a sting operation.

The complaint was filed with a reporter at Asianet Suvarna News under IPC Section 448. A student named Aliya Assadi, the petitioner, said a reporter broke into her house and violated her privacy in the name of a sting operation.

Asadi has been tracked along with several other Muslim women and has been harassed by selected media house members since the proceedings of the High Court against the Hijab column began. A video that attracted attention on social media shows that a young girl in a hijab is being heavily followed by media members.

Some victims have filed a public interest proceeding with the Karnataka High Court, hoping for relief, seeking instructions from the Karnataka High Court to limit chasing and videotaping of students and teachers on their way to school. I submitted a petition for PIL). And a college wearing a hijab.

Hijab column background:

Hijab controversy broke out in January after pre-university college students in Udupi, Karnataka were banned from wearing scarves (hijab) as part of their religious obligations on the campus grounds. doing. The problem exploded after Hindu students went to college wearing saffron scarves in protest of being allowed to wear hijab Muslims.

The state was forced to establish a committee to decide on this issue and prohibited students from wearing any religious clothing, including hijab, until a decision was made.

However, many protests by students and Muslims in saffron around the state forced the state to close schools and colleges for several days.

Currently, the Karnataka High Court, listening to a petition filed by a student wearing a hijab at PU University in Udupi, has so far not provided temporary relief to students.

Educational institutions closed by the state were instructed to resume strict adherence to the state’s Diktat, which prevents religious clothing from being worn by educational institutions.

The proceedings in the High Court may be closed by the end of this week.

https://www.siasat.com/hijab-row-fir-against-journalist-for-barging-into-muslim-girls-house-2280187/ FIR for journalists who broke into a Muslim girl’s house

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