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Fire runs wild in South African parliament

The massive fire that raged on Sunday in the seats of the Cape Town Parliament in South Africa was uncontrolled by firefighters for more than six hours, fearing “serious” damage to authorities.

Images broadcast on television showed a huge flame jumping from the roof of one large building, but several others in the parliamentary precincts, including the parliament, were surrounded by thick clouds of black smoke. Was there.

The fire is believed to have broke out in one of the old buildings on the grounds and led to a guard near the cathedral on Sunday where the ashes of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, an anti-apartheid icon, were buried.

“The roof is on fire and the Capitol is on fire,” said JP Smith, the mayor of Cape Town’s security and security committee.

No casualties have been reported and the cause of the flame is still unknown.

“The fire has been reported to be uncontrolled and cracked in the walls of the building,” Smith said.

“The fire is now on the third floor. According to the first report, the fire started in the office space and spreads towards the gymnasium,” he added.

“The damage will be serious, especially if it cannot be contained immediately,” he warned.

Paramedics were afraid that the fire would spread rapidly into an old room decorated with thick carpets and curtains.

A team of 30 firefighters who first arrived at the scene fought the flames for several hours, then withdrew and called for reinforcements.

After that, about 80 firefighters were deployed, some using cranes to spray water on the flames.

-The second largest fire in a year-

The fire broke out on Sunday around 0300 GMT.

The Parliament Building, with its red and white façade, is where South Africa’s last apartheid president, FW Declark, declared the end of the brutal white minority regime in 1990.

Worried Cape Town residents immediately shared a photo of the fire on Twitter.

The area around the fire in a high-class residential area was immediately closed.

A cordon stretched to a square still decorated with flowers in front of the nearby St. George’s Cathedral, where Tutu’s funeral took place on Saturday.

After a simple, no-frills mass with an inexpensive casket, his ashes were buried in the cathedral on Sunday, following the instructions of the famous understated Tutu.

Cape Town has seats in South African parliaments, including the Parliament and the National Council of the Senate, and the government is based in Pretoria.

The Cape Town Parliament Building consists of three sections, including the original oldest building completed in 1884.

A new additional facility built in the 1920s and 1980s is the Parliament.

Cape Town was hit by a previous fire in April when the flames of the famous Table Mountain overlooking the city spread and destroyed part of the University of Cape Town Library, which holds a unique collection of African archives. I did.

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