Fired RT employee who tried to ‘drown’ Ukrainian children posts apology video

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Anton Krasovsky, former broadcaster of the Russian-language branch of Russia’s state-run propaganda network RT, was fired Monday after calling for “drowning” and “burning” Ukrainian children. has posted a new apology video on its Telegram channel. .

4 and a half minutes video It’s labeled “Everything I Wanted To Write But Couldn’t”. In it, Krasovsky said (summary):

I’m an idiot I didn’t cross the line, I accidentally deleted it. Thinking of every child, every mother, and every family. I also suffer for all the children on the other side. [of the border], Dreaming of a world where children never die. Trust me: every baby’s tear is my tear, my nightmare.

As Dostoevsky wrote, I am on the air dozens of times each month. And in this case he took me away. Sometimes we try to decide whose life is more important, more necessary, more righteous. i’m an idiot There is no such life.

I am not asking for forgiveness. Seeking understanding. I’m asking you to understand the idiot. I feel guilty towards my friends, my comrades and the RT team. I feel guilty for all the mothers who have heard my words with horror. I am guilty and I carry this guilt with me. It will be in my dreams and in my grief for the rest of my life. I am guilty I’m not sure if I can pay it off. I have always wanted to be better than my enemies. I want my country to be better than my enemies, but I’m a fool. I mixed and messed up the good and the bad. I don’t know if you will forgive me. I will never forgive myself

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