First criminal case for draft evasion opened in Russia since mobilization

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A 32-year-old man has been charged with draft evasion after refusing to sign a draft notice in the Penza region of Russia. It is the first such criminal case since Russia launched its so-called “partial mobilization” on September 21.

This criminal case was instigated by the Zarechensky Investigative Division of the Penza Department of the Russian Commission of Investigation. Evasion of military service obligations is criminalized under Article 328 of the Russian Criminal Code.

Pavel Chikov, head of the human rights group Agora, said: Note This is said to be the first avoidance case related to this mobilization. According to Chikov, the man who refused the draft notice was arrested with the help of OMON fighters. (OMON, also known as SOBR) is a special branch of the Russian National Guard. )

On October 5, the assigned detectives will file a petition for judgment with the court. The detainee’s attorney will simultaneously petition the court to dismiss the case, Chikov explains.

Chikov also points out that: Clarification Article 328 of the Criminal Code, issued by the Federal High Court, applies only to those who seek to evade military service obligations. That is, this law does not apply to mobilization.

Earlier, Medusa was already explained Section 328 applies only to “male citizens who have attained the age of eighteen.” Registered or obliged to register for military service; not registered in the reserve. “The maximum sentence under this clause he will be imprisoned for two years.

More on Russian Mobilization

The mobilization was announced in Russia on September 21. It is unclear how many people will be drafted. The president’s mobilization order has a classified paragraph that is believed to indicate the scale of the mobilization.

Ministry of Defense of Russia said The goal is to recruit 300,000 recruits. However, Medusa’s sources say, suggestion This number could reach 1.2 million. Novaya Gazeta Europe too report Mobilization target of 1 million people.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, October 2 Said 200,000 conscripts have already been mobilized across Russia.

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