First Edition of Malta Business Awards Announced

maltese companies, In collaboration with the Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises, announced the 1st Malta Business Awards, which will take place on the in October at the Mediterranean Conference Center in Valletta.

Awards are divided into four categories. These are Corporate Social Impact, Green Initiatives, Best in Business and Innovation., and digitalschange. We are accepting applications until the 25thth Finalists will be announced on the of October.

Over 20 awards will be given to companies from different sectors including tourism, but it also incorporates various elements such as startups, women entrepreneurship and apprenticeships., Solutions targeting climate change and sustainable processes.

Minister of Environment and Energy enterprise Miriam Dali says “T.His moment should be an inspiration for companies to become more sustainable and digital, to serve their clients’ needs and to provide quality products while ensuring a competitive edge. It serves as a means to learn from the story and define the next steps for the company itself to improve its processes. “

Malta Enterprise CEO Kurt Farrugia said:W.the winner of aWard acts as a role model for other companies and inspires them to improve their processes. Malta Enterprise actively assists companies through various schemes aimed at improving the standards and quality of the services provided. Some of these schemes are smart and sustainable investment grants, investments, research and development and innovation. “

Malta Chamber of Small and Medium Enterprises Chairman Paul Abella said the Chamber of Small Businesses, which has a tradition of over 70 years, is honored to have organized these prestigious conferences. aWards along with Malta Enterprises and also with the help of other entities.he has these aThe district has created a recognition platform to inspire others through good initiatives by local businesses.Abella encouraged companies to participate in these aA ward aimed at supporting these local businesses.

Abigail Agius Mamo (pictured), CEO of the Malta Chamber of Commerce of Small and Medium Enterprises, said: of The Malta Business Awards recognize businesses in different categories. Companies can submit their own applications or be recommended by a third party.Apply until the 25thth in september www.maltabusinessawards.mtFinalists will be announced on the 10thth The gala where the winner will be announced will take place on October 28th in October at the Mediterranean Conference Center. First Edition of Malta Business Awards Announced

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