First images revealing Nord Stream damage (video)

Photos and video show evidence of what Danish police say is a ‘powerful explosion’

Swedish newspaper Expressen published the first underwater images of the ruptured Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline on Tuesday. The gas line between Russia and Germany was severely damaged in an apparent sabotage last month.

Video footage taken 80 meters below the surface of the Baltic Sea shows a long crack in the seafloor leading to the blown pipe.At least 50 meters of concrete-reinforced steel pipes are missing, Swedish newspaper reports report.

The Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines, built to deliver Russian natural gas directly to Germany, were destroyed on September 26 following a series of underwater explosions off the Danish island of Bornholm, which is within the Danish-Sweden economic zone. suddenly lost pressure.

Germany, Denmark and Sweden have separately investigated the blast, with a preliminary report Tuesday by Copenhagen police saying: “powerful explosion” caused damage.Swedish investigators came to a similar conclusion earlier this month, saying the cause of the explosion was “Evil Sabotage”.

All three countries have banned Russia from participating in the investigation, and Sweden has gone a step further by refusing to share its findings with anyone. “International Security” implication. Stockholm has also rejected joint investigations with Denmark and Germany.

Some Western media and analysts blame Russia for the pipeline attack, but Moscow denies this theory. “fool.” The Nord Stream Line was an important source of revenue for Russia and a powerful bargaining chip with Europe.

“Everyone understands who is behind this and who is the beneficiary.” Russian President Vladimir Putin last week explained that the gas lines were inoperable, “We can now move liquefied natural gas from the United States to European countries on a much larger scale.”

Russia threatens Nord Stream explosion “act of terrorism” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova called for an international inquiry. Zakharova noted that NATO conducted military exercises with underwater drones near Bornholm this summer. This could be referring to the Alliance’s BALTOPS 2022 exercise, held in July. First images revealing Nord Stream damage (video)

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