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First Lady drama spotlights Roosevelt, Ford and Obama’s spouse

Los Angeles – “First Lady” introduces three influential women, three acclaimed actors, and a century of history, including war, presidential scandals, and American stubborn gender and racial fault lines. ..

The ambitious showtime drama series was a fascinating challenge for Oscar-winning director Susanne Bier. Its subjects, Eleanor Roosevelt, Betty Ford, and Michelle Obama, each have a “persuasive and fascinating” story, but the sum is even greater, Beer about her first biographical project. I am saying.

“It was interesting to me that it wasn’t one biography,” said Bier, focusing on the first lady of different experiences and times, “very much looking at the situation of women in the world.” I mentioned in the interview.

“First Lady” starred Gillian Anderson as Eleanor Roosevelt, Michelle Pfeiffer as Betty Ford, and Viola Davis as Michelle Obama. Davis was the executive producer of the series, as was showrunner Cathy Schulman and Beer.

In their young iteration, the first women of the future will be played by Eliza Scanlen (Roosevelt), Kristine Froseth (Ford), and Jamie Lawson (Obama). Kiefer Sutherland portrays the president next to his wife as Franklin D. Roosevelt in this story. Aaron Eckhart as Gerald Ford. OT Fag Benle as Barack Obama.

The series examines both personal and political chapters, but it’s a historical novel and doesn’t pretend to be a documentary, Schulman said. “I had to imagine what happened between the event and what was written,” she said in a panel discussion.

Beer said the role of the first lady does not exist in her native Denmark. While she was familiar with the women depicted in the series, she gained new respect for them.

“What impressed me was the fact that they understood how to navigate inside the White House without actually having a political position and were more influential than I had imagined,” she said. I did. They managed to do so while fulfilling the expected role of America’s first “beautiful and successful” hostess.

Betty Ford was open about her breast cancer “at some point when it was so stigmatized and no one was talking about it,” Via said. “She obviously saved the lives of many,” and she changed her attitude in the United States and other countries.

The “First Lady” approaches the story as a tapestry, sometimes interweaving moments that show how similar women’s experiences are, despite decades of separation.

After spending some or much of an adult’s life supporting her husband’s ambitions, she fought to take everything seriously as a first lady. Ford and Obama are portrayed as being very reluctant to make the White House their temporary home — as Ford spent so much time in political trenches after giving up her own dreams. Obama feared her husband’s safety as the first black president.

Despite decades, there are surprising similarities in the “three women clashed” wall. “Yes, our society has changed and history has changed. But the human world we live in is still very important, so I think it’s very important to have a show. “

Similarities involving women are strictly the subject, as women’s lives do not overlap in history or series. Beer, who participated after the approach was decided, felt that the arc of the individual story of the woman was not fully developed in the script.

To shoot the three First Lady scenes individually, Bier suggested creating a “cohesive script for each.” Still, changes were made along the way so that Ford, Obama, and Roosevelt were filmed one after another.

“While filming Betty, Michelle Obama’s script was being rewritten,” she said. “Therefore, there was no really complete roadmap on how to interweave the story.”

This was achieved during editing in London, and Beer, which won the Best Foreign Language Oscar for “The Lord of the Future” in 2011, won the Emmy Award for “Night Manager” in 2016. Credits include “The Undoing” and “Birdbox”.

Bier, a “master filmmaker” of various genres, was perfect for the showtime series “comedy, tragedy, and everything in between.” “Also, Sae Yamamoto is the director of the actor, and the level of detail she works on characterizing was important to bring the first woman to life.”

“First Lady” is envisioned as an ongoing anthology series in which the spouse of the new president will be part of a future edition. Dolley Madison, Jacqueline Kennedy and Hillary Clinton are among the intriguing possibilities of Schulman and Beer.

“I’m crazy about Martha Washington right now,” Schulman said in a panel discussion, citing her plot about the origin of the First Lady role. “But I’m also interested in finding a way to do Jackie Kennedy who didn’t tell the same old story … each one is very interesting and the combination makes it even more interesting. . ” -agency

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