Fist Bumbling Biden-15.07.2022, Sputnik International



The first bump was put under close scrutiny in anticipation of whether President Joe Biden would hold the hand of Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Muhammad bin Salman al-Saud, who is to meet on Friday.

Biden greets Israeli leaders Jer Rapid and Isaac Herzog Fist bump Where the White House calls it COVID-19 precautions on Wednesday due to the rate of virus growth in the country. However, Biden contradicted his aides by shaking hands with former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu later that day.
Biden Friday after U.S. intelligence has vowed to make Saudi Arabia “their parliament” in the presidential election after Binsalman evaluated that it had approved the 2018 operation that killed Saudi journalist Jamal Kashogi. I am planning to meet Bin Salman.
Biden visits Saudi Arabia to “benefit” Americans by securing global trade and supply chains, and to repair diplomatic relations left in tatters by his predecessor, former President Donald. Claim to be Playing cards.. Still, the White House hasn’t yet revealed whether Biden will meet Bin Salman and be photographed, leaving political experts to speculate on Friday if Biden’s “fist bumps” are underway. ing.–1097328401.html Fist Bumbling Biden-15.07.2022, Sputnik International

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