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Five dead inside Egyptian detention center within two weeks of July – Middle East Monitor

According to local human rights groups, five detainees died in Egyptian detention centers within two weeks of July 27.

According to the Egyptian Human Rights Network, the first victim was 19-year-old Mostafa Montasser Hamed, who died on July 27 at Almontazah 3 police station in Alexandria province, where his family said he was tortured before his death. rice field.

At the time, Egyptian prosecutors issued a statement denying the allegations of torture, claiming that Hamed’s health deteriorated and he subsequently died.

The second case is Army Brigadier General Sami Muhammad Suleiman, 57, who died on August 5 at Zagazig police station in Sharqia province, according to the network.

According to the Network, General Suleiman was a political prisoner and a cancer patient whose health deteriorated due to the dire conditions of his imprisonment after spending six years in pretrial detention.

Also at the time, the Interior Ministry denied claims that Suleiman died as a result of medical negligence, claiming that he died while being treated in hospital for cancer.

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The third case was Mostafa Nafei Ramadan, 19, who died inside El Ramr 2 Police Station in Alexandria as a result of “continuous torture during two weeks of detention.”

However, the Ministry of Home Affairs denied allegations that he died as a result of torture, and Ramadan became ill after getting into a fight with a fellow inmate and was transferred to a university hospital for treatment, where he later died.

The fourth case was software engineer Ahmed El-Sayed Jaballah, 42, who died on August 8, two weeks after his arrest.

Egyptian authorities have not commented on the matter.

A fifth case was documented by the We Record organization on August 15th. In this case, 63-year-old Khaled Abdel Hamid Morsi died in an overcrowded and poorly ventilated cell inside the Almontaza 2nd Police Station in Alexandria.

Egyptian authorities have not commented on the matter to date.

In the first half of this year, the El Nadeem Center for Rehabilitation of Victims of Violence and Torture recorded 732 violations inside Egyptian prisons and detention centers. This includes his 21 deaths due to medical negligence and 43 deaths due to extrajudicial killings.

According to We Record, 60 detainees, including 52 political prisoners, eight criminals and six children, have died inside Egyptian prisons in 2021.

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