Five major losses of the Russian Navy in the Ukrainian war so far

One of the most powerful on earth, the Russian Navy has lost four to five ships due to enemy actions. In land warfare, against countries with few navies.

March 22 Raptor Assault Boat near Mariupol

Things started in a discreet way. A video showing the Ukrainian army engaging in a small boat with an anti-tank missile was shared online. The weapon seems to have hit that mark. This ship was identified as a raptor in the video commentary. These are small assault boats used by the Russian army. They are similar to the Swedish CB-90 design.

March 24 Berdyans’k landing ship

Much more spectacular than the attack two days ago, an alligator-class landing ship was blown high in Berdyans’k on March 24. The exact mode of the attack remains unknown. The main theory is that Ukraine launched an OTR-21 torch ballistic missile at the port. It took place two days ago, and some of the missiles landed on the pier. The missile should have carried small cluster munitions, one of which seems to have landed in the hold of the lander. The ammunition was then cooked by the explosion and fire.

The chain of explosions was dramatic and the ship sank to the pier. Two Ropucha-class landing ships moored nearby also set sail, but were damaged. One of the captains later died of a wound. Since then, Russia does not seem to use the port in a similar way.

April 13 Cruiser Moskva east of Snake Island

Arguably the most iconic and strategically relevant loss was the Slava-class cruiser Moskva. She was attacked by two Neptune missiles on April 13, and she was reportedly towed the next day.

Preliminary analysis by retired U.S. Navy intelligence officer Chris Carlson shows that two missiles hit the center of the hull on the harbor side. The effects are close to each other and may have destroyed the local damage management space based on an analysis of Russian ship plans.

This “perfect shot” could have contributed to the ultimate loss of the ship. Carlson said that the affected compartment was “It’s very important.It is a room where all kinds of energy are distributed to the ship and controlled in battle for its combat and the viability of the technical means... ”

Carlson said it was “Complete loss of propulsion and power, disabling damage control.. The impact could have caused a large fuel supply fire and flood. This was not contained and eventually caused the loss of the ship.

Two Raptor Assault Boats near Snake Island on May 2nd

On May 2, Russian troops experienced another setback. Two Raptor Assault Boats engaged the Ukrainian Navy’s TB2 drone near Snake Island, which Russia captured from Ukraine at the beginning of the war. The two engagements took place only a few minutes apart, and both ships were attacked. At the moment, the total loss is unconfirmed, but it seems likely from the video.

Impact of these losses

Ukraine’s ability to deploy drones on Snake Island shows the damage done by the attack on Moscow. The cruiser provided area air defense to that sector of the Black Sea. Therefore, unless Russia changes its operational pattern, it is expected that the drone will incur further losses.

But, contrary to intuition, one of the reasons Russia was defeated at sea was the result of its first success. Ukraine cannot lose her ship at sea. Because there are no ships because there are no coastal vessels.

The Ukrainian Navy also suffered losses. As a percentage, it is much more so than the Russian Navy. Most were cut off, and ships either captured in the harbor or not in operation sank to the pier. But no one is surprised at the loss of Ukraine, which was expected in such a disagreement conflict. In this battle between David and Goliath, it is clear which navy is David.

Despite these visible retreats, the Russian Navy still enjoys a complete advantage at sea. And this has led to the achievement of some strategic goals. Mostly, the blockade of merchant ships to Ukraine is absolute. Attacks on some merchant ships at the beginning of the war, strong warnings, and aggressive patrols effectively starved Ukraine’s important imports and exports.

Russia may all try to replace the lost Moscow as well. Currently, two more Slava-class cruisers are operating in the Mediterranean. They cannot pass through the Bosphorus Strait, a narrow waterway separated from the Black Sea, as Turkey is closed to warships. But Russia may try to force this. If so, it will undoubtedly lead to further tensions with NATO. Five major losses of the Russian Navy in the Ukrainian war so far

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