Five new projects to “improve public services”

According to the government, as part of Public Services Week 2022 with the theme of “Investing in Quality,” five new projects have been launched to continually change and improve the structure of public services.

The project is a new building that houses a digital transformation hub, a central registry, Corradino’s remote workspace, Corradino’s IPS training center, and an employee support program.

At a press conference to launch these projects, Vice-Minister Mario Katja said, in addition to launching five projects important in implementing new public service strategies, today’s event is where people renew themselves in public services. He said it was intended to help him understand his ambitions. We provide outstanding service.

Regarding the project itself, Cutajar said that the Digital Transformation Hub is a center where, with the help of technology, each service is considered and devised with particular attention not only to its design, but also to how it is delivered. Said to be. In this way, each service is investigated and analyzed with the involvement of the client itself to ensure that it meets and even exceeds people’s expectations. The Floriana building has already been identified to serve this purpose, he said.

“The Central Registry Project will significantly change the way public services work on document registration to achieve a much higher level of efficiency.” Cutajar currently has 70 registries and over 4 million documents. I explained that there is. 200,000 new documents are registered each year and there are about 100,000 movements each month.

Through this project, all documents will be integrated into the electronic system, all registry operations will be centralized in a single building, and unified standards and procedures will be provided throughout public services. He said these procedures were carefully designed from the time the document arrived until it was sent to the National Archives a few years later.

This project is linked to reducing paper usage in public services. In this regard, the pilot project has already been implemented, which gives the necessary experience to spread the system throughout public services.

Regarding the remote workspace and IPS training center in Colladino, Cutajar said and the Public Services Institute (IPS) are two entities founded at the forefront of public service updates. I did. 5 years ago. They will now have a branch that shares the building of Coradino, where the press conference was held. Half of the building functions as an IPS training center and has a well-equipped lecture room. The other half is run by and converted into a remote workspace that caters to the needs of this side of the island. It joins 15 other remote workspaces already in operation that meet the needs of about 1,000 civil servants.

Regarding the Employee Assistance Program (ESP) project, Cutajar said the building that currently hosts Valletta’s intelligence office and P & SD has been expanded to accommodate ESP as well. Thus, in a more central location, public services provide counseling and support services to employees who have difficulty in their personal lives or work. These services are provided by psychologists, counselors, social workers, and career guidance personnel.

According to Cutajar, the project is closely tied to the People 360 ​​program and people are considered a key element of all its complexity, not as a resource. This program focuses on maximizing the use of people and promoting the talent that is undoubtedly present in organizations that are as widespread as public services. Five new projects to “improve public services”

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