Flexible Workspace Startup Work Lounge Debuts in Thailand with Over 20 Luxury Member Lounges

Work Lounge Starts Premium Membership Allows remote professionals and executives access to luxury hotel lounges throughout Thailand. Their platform is a plug-and-play workspace concept that connects hotels and remote workers.

With more than 20 hospitality partners already in attendance, including names such as Sofitel, Intercontinental and Anantara, the startup is making big bets on the luxury market.

Worklounge’s mobile app provides top management of remote professionals with easy on-demand access to the hotel’s business lounge network. With business and lifestyle amenities on site, members have the flexibility to plan their day and choose from a variety of locations.

This is a compelling alternative to going to the office or limiting yourself to a single coworking membership. Flexible workspace startups are also in a position to capture the intersecting market of executive jet setters and luxury travelers, which are increasingly blurring the line between travel for business and entertainment.

Co-founders Riku Penttinen and Benjamin Assuied

Co-founders Riku Penttinen and Benjamin Assuied both have a hospitality background and experience leading hotel brands in Asia, Europe and South America. Working separately at the forefront of hotel brands focused on flexible workspace startups and remote work, they have developed expertise to understand the needs of hospitality brands and a new generation of consumers.

Partnering to launch Worklounge, they are excited about the explosive adoption of remote work.

“Many hotel owners are preparing for a post-pandemic trip by restructuring the space and trying different tasks than the hotel concept. These are important initiatives, but partners are already appropriate. We help our partners recognize that they have assets, and we have tools to attract domestic and foreign customers. ”

Co-founder Riku Penttinen

“Our approach helps hotels monetize underutilized space and provide workspace products that truly speak to consumers. This is a great marketing. We in the hotel sector. Thanks to our roots and strong relationships, we were able to grow rapidly with the help of truly authoritative partners. “

Work Lounge launches membership programs in more than 20 luxury lounges in Thailand’s popular destinations such as Bangkok, Phuket and Koh Samui. They are ready for rapid expansion through partnerships in pipelines throughout Southeast Asia.

“Originally launched in Thailand, it has gained significant traction in the Southeast Asian hotel sector and has already registered with partner lounges in Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Eventually, the platform will be regional and regional. The goal is to expand globally within a few years. “

Co-founder Riku Penttinen

As regulations continue to be deregulated and the country moves towards an endemic approach, it remains to be seen how businesses will implement permanent remote or hybrid work policies. If other parts of the world serve as an example, remote work stays here and Worklounge offers a great solution for the future of workspace decentralization. Flexible Workspace Startup Work Lounge Debuts in Thailand with Over 20 Luxury Member Lounges

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