FM Fajon points out the importance of a credible EU enlargement policy

Foreign Minister Thessaloniki-Tanja Fajon attended the Minister of South-East European Cooperation (SEECP) held in Thessaloniki on Friday and held numerous bilateral meetings as a bystander to the Greek event. In the debate, Fajon pointed out the importance of a credible EU enlargement policy for the reform efforts of the Western Balkans.

At the annual meeting, Foreign Minister SEECP exchanged views on how to respond appropriately to regional and global challenges in order to develop all areas of social life for the benefit of the region and its citizens.

In a press release by the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the main topics were the European integration process and further efforts in connectivity in the SEECP region and elsewhere in the world, energy after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, migration and security.

Fajon said expansion policy is the EU’s most effective strategic geopolitical policy, which is also important in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its future relations with Georgia and Moldova.

“For Slovenia, there is no substitute for an effective enlargement policy. It is the only policy with transformative, stable, safe and democratic European preconditions. Further EU enlargement process is a major priority. It’s a matter, “she added.

The Slovenian Foreign Minister said the war in Ukraine required the EU to take responsibility for continuing the expansion process as soon as possible by initiating accession negotiations between Albania and North Macedonia.

Fajon added that the strategic integration of all European countries must complement, not replace, other processes such as the EU enlargement to the West Balkans.

In her speech, the new Slovenian foreign minister also mentioned Slovenia’s unwavering support for Ukraine and the EU’s view of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia, but did not sacrifice the West Balkans. She also emphasized the importance of greater energy security.

As a ministerial bystander, Fajon is the host and her Greek counterpart Nicos Dendias, and Albanian counterpart Alter Jaka, Lanco Criboka Pitch in Montenegro, Bujar Osmani in North Macedonia, and Nicola in Serbia.・ Held a bilateral meeting with Serakovich. FM Fajon points out the importance of a credible EU enlargement policy

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