FM Fajon tells Kreva that she will visit Kyiv soon

Foreign Minister Luxembourg-Tanja Fajon spoke on the phone with Ukraine’s Dmytro Kuleba on Tuesday, ensuring that Slovenia supports Ukraine’s EU candidate status and post-war reconstruction. She also announced that she would visit Kyiv soon, the Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs tweeted.

“Thanks for the open and fruitful discussions! Slovenia is committed to helping the Ukrainian people to live in peace again as soon as possible, and to help rebuild infrastructure and restore stability and hope.” The minister tweeted.

Meanwhile, Kleber tweeted that he thanked Fajon for supporting the bids of Ukraine’s EU member states. “We agreed on the need to accelerate the adoption of the EU’s seventh sanctions package for Russia. I invited Slovenia to participate in the reconstruction of one of the war-torn areas of Ukraine.” He writes.

Fajon is in Luxembourg for a session of the EU Minister in charge of EU affairs as part of preparations for the EU Summit scheduled for Thursday and Friday.

Ministers have put up a proposal to give Ukraine and Moldova the status of EU candidates, which Fajon supported when they arrived at the session.

Last week, Prime Minister Robert Golob confirmed Slovenia’s support for Ukraine, its sovereignty and efforts for peace when it met with Ukraine’s counterpart Denys Shmyhal.

Parliamentary Foreign Policy and EU Secretariats are currently meeting in Ljubljana to discuss Slovenia’s position on the development of Golob and Ukraine before attending the first EU Summit in Brussels later this week. I am. FM Fajon tells Kreva that she will visit Kyiv soon

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