FNM will hold a conclave to analyze election defeats

Eight months after the 2021 general election, members of the Free National Movement (FNM) gathered in the Conclave on Saturday to formally analyze why they lost the vote and set their course.

At a post-Conclave press conference, FNM leader Michael Pintaldo outlined some of the reasons he believed the party lost the election.

“We also believe that the general public wanted to be more and more sensitive to the concerns we expressed. It was you who wanted us to be more accessible. I admit that I’m a member of the media like myself, and that we wanted to be more accessible. There is an urgent need to deal with projects in the pipeline and we take care of them. It took a tremendous amount of time, “he said.

“Of course, members of the community in the midst of COVID were worried that their business would be adversely affected and their lives would certainly be unleashed without income.

“We didn’t create a situation, but we’re certainly at the mercy of that frustration, so we definitely want you to have a different tone and style in managing COVID. I don’t think we all finally doubted if we all care. I think they wanted a different focus.

“Then, of course, we talked about the aftermath of durians, the impact people felt they had on their lives, and the inability to return home or work in a timely manner. I wanted additional support at. “

Mr Puntard said the FNM needed to strengthen the party’s activities at the association’s level and thanked all members of the association for sharing their views on this issue.

He said he pointed out the need for support and resources for the election.

Mr Puntard said members of the association showed that the party could have been more sensitive to the recommendations given.

He said FNM had a “great time” in the conclave.

“We know that future strategies depend on the challenges we faced in the past and the opportunities we may have missed,” said Pinterd.

“I believe part of it is building the capabilities of the team, so in some sessions we had a great opportunity to improve the capabilities of our members at the national and association levels. Also, did you win? We believe we all need to be inspired, regardless of the unfortunate setbacks. “

Mr Puntard said the conclave gave party members the opportunity to associate with each other.

He said he was looking forward to having a “bigger discussion” with each member.

“We depart from here, touring the entire Bahamas, meeting members of all associations and communities through FNM’s return, contacting us, and welcoming many supporters who are interested in working. I’ll do it in a team, “Pintard said.

Former Prime Minister Hubert Minis, a member of the Killarney parliament, was noticeably absent from the conclave.

Minis led the party to a spectacular defeat after calling for an early election in September. If Minis hadn’t called for an election, the Bahamas would have held an election this month.

FNM won seven of the 39 parliamentary seats in the election. Minis estimates that Killarney support has dropped from 73% in 2017 to 51% in 2021.

The election was in stark contrast to the party’s victory in 2017, which won 35 seats.

Many regarded the defeat of FNM as a refusal of Minis in particular.

With the defeat, the party immediately began discussing its future, and Minis resigned as leader. FNM will hold a conclave to analyze election defeats

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