Food Agency Launches Price Panel Site

There are two types of data, one at consumer level and one at producer level. Therefore, after this launch, we hope to be able to obtain future national food prices from each region, both at the producer level and at the consumer level l

Bogor, West Java (ANTARA) – The National Food Authority (NFA) has launched a food price panel website to provide producers, traders and consumers with information on reference purchase and sale prices, made freely accessible to the public.

When the food price panel was launched here on Wednesday night, NFA director Aliyev Prasecho Addy said the site’s launch will see food agencies in 514 cities and provinces in 34 food-related provinces , said it was prompted to provide information on strategic food. Pricing data based on Presidential Regulation No. 66 of 2021.

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“We have two types of data: consumer level and producer level. So after this launch, we hope to be able to get future national food prices from each region, both at the producer level and at the producer level. person level,” he said.

Addy said the launch of the site is part of the NFA’s mission to stabilize food prices and enable more accurate strategic decisions to be made, including on food availability. I was. He said the price information on the food price panel site is updated daily.

He said that in completing its services at the site, the NFA will work with the Meteorological, Climate and Geophysical Agency (BMKG) to provide information to predict when and where food will be harvested in an area. I said that I combined several functions for the purpose.

Some food standard prices will be adjusted and discussed through a coordination meeting with farmers and a national coordination meeting with food associations, ministries and agencies.

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“So we set a price that benefits farmers, traders and consumers alike, so it’s three in one package,” he said.

Adi is optimistic that the welfare of farmers will rise in line with productivity, following President Jokowi’s mandate to maintain productivity and welfare with the launch of the food prices website.

“And downstream, inflation has to be sustained so that it doesn’t get too high. This means that economic growth has to be higher than inflation,” he said.

Ahead of each price announcement, Addy said the NFA will coordinate with farmers, associations, ministries and agencies to ensure prices are on a common basis.

“We haven’t hit the penalty yet. Now we have a reference price. That’s what we use as a reference price. We need to provide a reference price. On the other hand, it’s too low. This price would be very good because it involves food stakeholders,” he explained.

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