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Food and travel hit in locked down Xian

Chinese officials yesterday admitted that Xi’An residents faced the challenge of providing sufficient supplies to locked-down Xi’An residents after complaining of lack of food and seeking help.
With 13 million residents in northern Xi’An on the seventh day of house arrest and China fighting the worst virus surge in months, national health officials are calling for further strengthening.
Beijing has followed a strict “zero-covid” strategy, including strict border restrictions and targeted blockades, since the virus first surfaced in central cities in late 2019. As the country faces a resurgence of infectious diseases, there are problems in providing essentials. The day before, many residents asked social media to help them get food and other necessities, and some said their homes wouldn’t release them even if they were short of food.
Xian’s official Chen Jianfeng told reporters that local governments have mobilized companies to strengthen distribution in the community and executives oversee wholesale and supermarkets. “We are doing our best to help staff turnout issues and issue vehicle passes that guarantee the supply of essentials,” he said. However, some people were still suffering from supplies.
“How do we live? What do we eat?” One user wrote on a Weibo platform like Twitter. “A few days ago, I was able to go out once to buy groceries, but it was canceled … all online grocery apps are sold out or out of delivery,” the user added. I did. The city tightened its captivity on Monday, and many residents were told not to leave home except for virus testing-previously they said they could go out once every three days to buy supplies. After being broken.
Authorities previously claimed that supplies were stable as they maintained strict controls on access to Xi’An. According to local media, the city has recorded more than 960 domestic virus incidents since December 9. Authorities also detained at least seven people in the city in an attempt to skip quarantine, disrupt order and spread rumors. It happens when Beijing is preparing to welcome thousands of foreign visitors to the Winter Olympics in February.
Although the outbreak in Xi’An is small compared to the outbreaks in many other parts of the world, authorities have been in line with Beijing’s willingness to immediately contain the outbreak from December 23 in the city. We have imposed strict restrictions on travel in and out of.
People in the city are not allowed to leave the town without permission from their employer or local authorities.
The 32-year-old mechanic went on a business trip to Xi’an and was scheduled to leave last week, but he had to stay longer after local community officials refused to give him a certificate to clear his departure. I found that it didn’t happen. That means he may miss his wife’s birthday and be forced to spend the New Year in Xi’An. “I just want to go home,” he told Reuters on condition of anonymity.
Since Monday, the Xian government has stopped granting permits to those who are leaving their homes to buy essentials, as the epidemic containment measures have increased. The city said it could resume face-to-face shopping for people in low-risk areas, not to mention when home orders would be lifted after a large test returned negative results. This measure has aroused complaints to social media from some residents that access to fresh produce is uncertain. Several district-level governments in Xi’An have begun arranging the delivery of groceries to people’s homes and setting up temporary booths in large housing estates that sell fresh produce, the city government said. Said yesterday.
A 23-year-old student in Xi’An, also speaking on condition of anonymity, received a free package of vegetables delivered to his home since his family had shopping restrictions and was still informed when the next batch would arrive. I said I didn’t. There was no choice of what to deliver, but the packaging contained the most common groceries. “I’m anxious for certain foods, but it doesn’t interfere with my daily life.”
Authorities began a fifth city-wide inspection on Wednesday since December 21st. Local officials said yesterday that the number of infections found in the mass test began to decline in the fourth and increased in the first three.
Samsung, which operates a vast semiconductor base in Xi’An, said it has decided to “temporarily adjust operations” at a manufacturing facility in the city due to the situation of Covid-19. Chinese electric car company BYDCo has repeatedly stated that the virus had some effect, but did not provide a timeline for when operations would normalize. “Our production has been influenced to some extent by the epidemic,” BYD told Reuters. “Currently, we are actively making adjustments accordingly.”
Western Superconducting Technologies said that current production was not at full capacity as it complies with the government’s Covid-19 regulations, but will be fully operational if the outbreak of Xi’An is curbed.

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