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Food Safety Forum Concludes

The Strategic Commodity and Food Safety Forum, sponsored by the Islamic Food Security Organization (IOFS) in collaboration with the Ministry of Local Government, ended Wednesday. The forum was attended by a large number of Muslim world experts who participated in a series of seminars and discussions.
In a statement to the Qatar News Agency (QNA), Dr. Masoud Jarallah al-Marri, Director of Food Security, Municipal Ministry, said the forum issued recommendations related to strengthening cooperation and coordination between IOFS countries. Stated. Create an information platform for exchanging ideas and data that can increase the productivity of strategic products. He explained that IOFS would submit these recommendations to the Minister of Agriculture of IOFS, discuss them at the next meeting and define a practical plan for implementation.
Officials also said they considered ways to increase the productivity of strategic products, develop halal food management systems, and organize food safety standards. Dr. Al Marie said the forum will coordinate between IOFS countries, increase basic food productivity, and invest their traits to achieve more food security, expertise, production. He said he emphasized capacity and coordination between IOFS countries to exchange economic data. For them.
He explained that, following the recommendations of the forum, the organization oversees coordination between IOFS countries and acts as an umbrella for exchanging data between them in the area of ​​basic commodity productivity. Some countries have large production capacities in terms of large agricultural areas and abundant water, while others have sufficient agricultural expertise and important scientific research centers.
Dr. Almary said IOFS is committed to revitalizing partnerships and cooperation between countries by collecting data and information on productivity conditions in each country, following the recommendations of the forum. He pointed out that the forum issued recommendations related to funding agricultural projects. (QNA)

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