“Foreign Agents” law with widespread signs of Putin

President Vladimir Putin signature Thursday’s law has been enacted to expand the label of “foreign agents” to include those who are considered to have fallen into “foreign influence.”

The register of Russia’s “foreign agents”, a name that has a meaning in the Soviet era, is “politically active” that the Russian authorities have determined to have received foreign funding and are subject to strict audit requirements. People and organizations are listed.

The new law, signed by Putin, extends the definition of “foreign agent” to those who participate in activities that the authorities deem against Russia’s national interests and who receive all kinds of support, not just money, from abroad. increase.

Anyone who has worked with a “foreign agent” or who has been funded by a “foreign agent” is a new member of the group with people who are “affiliated with a foreign agent”. Included in the Ministry of Justice list.

Under the law, Russia’s national communications oversight body, Roskomnadzor, has the authority to block the websites of “foreign agents” at the request of the Ministry of Justice without a court order.

“Foreign agents” are also prohibited from receiving state funding, teaching at state universities, or working with children.

The law will come into effect on December 1, 2022.

Putin signed the bill four and a half months after ordering Russian troops to invade Ukraine. This pushed relations with Western nations to the lowest point in decades, accompanied by a historic crackdown on opposition within Russia.

Putin also approved a bill introducing up to seven years’ imprisonment for acting against national security.

AFP contributed to the report. “Foreign Agents” law with widespread signs of Putin

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