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During the first meeting Of the new mission, FIC Board of Directors Re-– –Elected Of the organization Management Stay consistent with the same vision for economically sustainable development.. Christian Secoș, Universal directed by Delgaz Grid Romanear, Continue new mission as FIC President, together Vice President Ramona JurbițăCountry Managing Partner KPMG Romanear, When Eric Stub,
ENGIE Romanian Chairman and CEO When Managing Director of Globa, Europe and AMEAl Network, ENGIE When Daniel Angel, Tax and Legal Services Leader PwC Romanear, member PwC Global Indirect Tax Commission, that’s why Ttotal..

In the new mission, FIC’s board of directors will continue to promote the investment role, Sustainable policys The foundation of economic growth, an important direction for building a prosperous future Economy and society.The foundation of evolution remains Focused About predictability and stability Clarity Transparency of the legislative framework, especially in today’s difficult situation According to a FIC press release, it was created by the energy crisis, the war in Ukraine, and inflation.

“First of all, I would like to thank my colleagues with the confidence to continue promoting together.gFIC Vision and project.We are domestic and At the international level, we can do it too Put together Some achievementsForum organization, etc. upon investment In partnership with Romanian government started direct dialogue Between investors and authorities. moreoverWill release an updated version of Va this year Uruma Project, Which teeth Model through it We suggest it Economy can grow 4..5 times In Next 20 years. In consideration of Budget issue, this This year’s Va Urma Edition Emphasizes multiple benefits of combining private and public investment with measures targetTo: Stimulation Digitization and innovation; Improvement Institutional capacity and state– –Owned Company; protect Human capital by promoting access to work and education, And health; convert Energy mix in the direction set by the European green Dwith eal Develop Energy infrastructure..

FarthermoreWith colleagues on the board, we track development closely of Legislature Frameworkespecially Taxation..Repeat To Consult In business Environment for changes that may impact the economy flame And the importance of the decision Based on research and analysis to enable selection of the most effective means of ensuring
Don’t be discouraged with economic developmente A major sector that contributes significantly to budgetary conditions. FIC Authorities disposition For consultation and dialogue on all strategic issues for the economy An environment with the same commitment to recommend balanced measures With Europeans principlethat Ultimately bring economic growth, the good– –of Citizen.. , declaration Christian Secoșan, FIC president.

The FIC also states that it will continue to work on the strategic themes of the Romanian economy and provide recommendations. For mediumnd long– –Period measure according to European good Practice, but at the same time it is
Ready to create a position paper based on Expertise Expert practical knowledge from Respond quickly to member companies and Karent challenge. FIC Board Keeping investment attraction, a fundamental theme for Romanian development, on the agendas, Fiscal stability and predictability, enhanced resilience of the energy sector, Implementation suCan be dyed measures of work schedule, environment protection, Assure the Of the population Welfare and health, technology development, When Implementation Digital process Foreign Investor Council (FIC) Re-elections of Management – ​​Romanian Journal

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